“Museum Gajah” Statue as An Iconic Things You Can See in Jakarta

If you heard “Museum Gajah” or translated as elephant museum, the first thing that came to your mind was probably it is a museum of elephants where elephants are preserved or contain a history about elephants, but this time, it is not the case if the elephant statue is one of the few Things You Can see in Jakarta.

The elephant museum is another name to mention the National Museum, the museum that is located right beside the National Monument or Monas, the landmark of Jakarta. The reason for the name is the location of the iconic elephant statue inside the museum’s complex.

The iconic bronze elephant statue is a gift from the leader of another South Asian Country, which is King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V of Thailand during his visit in the 1871. The statue is placed in front of the front door of the museum, so many people remember the museum as an elephant museum, the museum which has an elephant statue. And to this day, the museum has become one of a must Things You Can See in Jakarta.

However, the museum is currently still undergoing renovation after it caught fire in September 2023, so, it is still closed and might reopen again in a year or so. Meanwhile, during your stay in Jakarta, you can still visit other museum for other Things You Can See in Jakarta.

You can still visit the National Monument nearby the museum, or visit the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral nearby, or taking photos on other iconic spot or unique Things You Can See in Jakarta. If you are not sure where and what to do and see once you step into Central Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will be delighted to give you recommendations and take you to see closer to what is Jakarta has to offer. See you around!

MH. Thamrin Statues as Things You Can See in Jakarta

Aside from Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jl. MH. Thamrin also the Things You Can See in Jakarta as the location of business center. MH. Thamrin is a familiar name for Indonesian, especially Jakartans, as he is one of the heroes that plays a huge rule for Indonesian independency.

Mohammad Husni Thamrin or widely known as MH. Thamrin who was born in Batavia is a politician and Indonesian nationalist who advocated for Indonesian independence from the Dutch colony. His huge role makes him one of the most respected national heroes of Indonesia, thus, to commemorate him, many traces of him can be found in Jakarta. Not only his statue, but street, MRT station, and museum are named by his. This fact made MH. Thamrin name is a familiar and common Things You Can See in Jakarta.

There is not only one statue of him that was erected, but three statues as Things You Can See in Jakarta if you are visiting and touring around Central Jakarta area. The oldest one is in the MH. Thamrin Museum’s area. His figure is carrying a book while standing and making a pointing gesture. The second statue is in the west part of the National Monument, but it is different from the first statue as the statue is not a full body figure.

The newest and most iconic one was erected on the intersection of Medan Merdeka and MH. Thamrin Street in Central Jakarta. This statue will become a popular spot for taking photos if there is an event in Jakarta, such as Jakarta’s anniversary. Many people visit Central Jakarta and take photos around the statue while visiting the National Monument area.

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The Great Commander Statue as Things You Can See in Jakarta

Once you arrived in Jakarta, one of the common Things You Can See in Jakarta is symbolic signs that represent the people’s struggle to fight for their independence. One of them is heroes’ statues that has been erected in many spots across Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

One of the most influential figures that contributed a lot for Indonesian independence is The Great Commander Sudirman, or Jenderal Sudirman. He is the first commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces and played a huge role to prevent the Dutch plan to decolonize Republic of Indonesia in the Serangan Umum 1 Maret on the year of 1949.

Indonesian citizens have so much respect for him, thus there is a street in Jakarta is named by his. It is the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, or General Sudirman Street, where his big statue was erected and standing tall. The size is 12 meters with the weight of four tons. The statue makes a salute’s gesture, which is said that it means he wants to respect the people, instead to be respected by people. Indonesian put huge respects for heroes that contributes to Indonesian independence, so heroes’ statues is one of the view Things You Can See in Jakarta.

It is also the iconic Things You Can See in Jakarta, especially in the center and southern parts of Jakarta. The strategic location, as it is near the Sudirman Commuter Line Station and Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station, makes it easy to reach by. However, amidst the location that is in the middle of Transjakarta Busway lanes, you can only take a picture up close when the Car Free Day is held on Sundays.

Nevertheless, you can still try to take shot from the pedestrian bridge nearby. The statue has such a contrast view from other tall buildings surrounds it and looks beautiful at night as the light from nearby buildings shines to it. If you are curious to find more about Things You Can See in Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to walk with us and discover great things in Jakarta. See you around!

The Iconic Monument Selamat Datang as Things You Can See in Jakarta

When arriving in Jakarta and your destination is Central Jakarta, you will feel welcomed as one of the Things you Can See in Jakarta are a pair of statues that will be ready to greet you with their open arms. This pair of statues are a set of “Monumen Selamat Datang”, or literally means “welcome” statues.  

It is one of the iconic landmarks of Jakarta, as the location is in Central Jakarta, where the governmental and corporates’ buildings are gathered and standing tall. The statue is in the center of the roundabout near Hotel Indonesia, thus the name “Bundaran HI”. The statue is encircled by a beautiful water fountain, making it an iconic spot of Things You Can See in Jakarta.

Aside from the statues and its water fountain, there is another photo spot that you can see while you walk near Bundaran HI, which is a Transjakarta Bus Shelter, named Bundaran HI Astra Station. This iconic bus shelter is shaped like a cruise ship, completed with commercial area inside. What’s more, the strategic location provides a best view of Central Jakarta as one of the platforms is facing MH. Thamrin Street, while the other side is facing the “Monumen Selamat Datang”. So, you will get a nice view of the statue if you take photos on the second floor of the bus shelter.

Another activity that you can do around the statue is exercising, as Car Free Day events are usually held around the Bundaran HI. No motor vehicles are allowed to pass during this event, and people will gather to exercise, run, or cycling, and take photos together around the area. This event is usually held on a certain week on Sundays.  

A similar spot is Tosari Transjakarta Bus Shelter, also located near the Bundaran HI and the monument, with the same shape as the Bundaran HI shelter, it can be a good alternative of Things You Can See in Jakarta other than the most iconic one. Want to explore more Things You Can See in Jakarta? Then join our Jakarta Walking Tour during your visit to find out more about Jakarta. See you around!

Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 2

If there are some Things You Can See in Jakarta, there are also some Things You Can Do in Jakarta. Despite the busy life as the center as the capital city of Indonesia, with tall skyscrapers built in the Central Jakarta, Jakartans also need some recreational place to relax and recharge their energies after a busy schedule. Therefore, some places are built to cater Jakartans needs to do other activities besides working and going home in Jakarta.

One of the Things You Can See in Jakarta is Pasar Baru (Passer Baroe), a very old market that was established years ago and still being functioned until the present day. It provides other Things You Can Do in Jakarta besides working. People can go sightseeing, to shops, and eat various kinds of delicious food inside the market complex.

From other Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside shopping and eating, some people will prefer to take a picture at a scenic spot. With the former Post Office that is now transformed as Pos Bloc, the place now become a popular spot for young people to gather, having fun, take pictures, and eat. The location is strategically across the Pasar Baru. So, you can just walk from Pasar Baru to reach Pos Bloc.

Not only Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta also must be added to Things You Can See in Jakarta bucket list. While it is located near Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, this building is mainly used for art shows, such as musicals, theater, dance, and many other activities. People usually need to book tickets for the shows that are being featured as the capacity is often limited.

Just another Things You Can See in Jakarta besides statues, markets, and restaurants or food joints, is parks. The popular big park among Jakartans is Lapangan Banteng or literally mean “Buffalo Field” in English. Many people come to this park for recreation, and sometimes used to organize events, such as plant and animal’s exhibitions or small concerts.

Now, are you ready to explore Things You Can See in Jakarta? Then during your visit in Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more around Jakarta and find Things You Can See in Jakarta with us. See you around!

Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 1

There are a few Things You Can See in Jakarta; alongside Things You Can Do in Jakarta, mostly in Central Jakarta. Statues are one of the things you can see in many corners of Jakarta. The most iconic one is Monumen Selamat Datang or better known as Monumen Bundaran HI, or Hotel Indonesia roundabout, a statue of a man and woman with a welcoming gesture.

The second iconic statue is called Tugu Tani, or Patung Pahlawan (Heroes Monument). This statue is created to depict a symbolism as how Indonesians fights for their independence. Another hero that contributing a lot for Indonesian is General Soedirman. The big size of the statue makes it outstanding among its environment, makes it as one of the Things You Can See in Jakarta easily if you happened to pass by it.

Mentioning heroes’ statues, the MH. Thamrin cannot be forgotten. He is also a very important figure as for Indonesian, he contributes a lot for Indonesian for being active to strive for Indonesian independence both nationally and internationally. To show respect for his contributions, there is not only one statue that was erected to commemorate him. In fact, there are three statues as some Things You Can See in Jakarta.

Aside from those heroes’ statues to commemorate Indonesian struggle to fight for independence, there is one iconic statue that is located near the landmark of Jakarta, which is the National Monument. It is an elephant statue, inside the complex of the National Museum, makes it easy to remember so Jakartans sometimes also called the National Museum as Elephant Museum. It is believed that the statue is a gift from a king from another country.

There are also many other statues That You Can See in Jakarta, each has its own history and background. If you are curious about finding one, consider visiting Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour package, and we will take you for a walk around Central Jakarta. You might find a lot more interesting stuff That You Can See in Jakarta. So, don’t hesitate anymore, see you in Jakarta soon!