MH. Thamrin Statues as Things You Can See in Jakarta

Aside from Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Jl. MH. Thamrin also the Things You Can See in Jakarta as the location of business center. MH. Thamrin is a familiar name for Indonesian, especially Jakartans, as he is one of the heroes that plays a huge rule for Indonesian independency.

Mohammad Husni Thamrin or widely known as MH. Thamrin who was born in Batavia is a politician and Indonesian nationalist who advocated for Indonesian independence from the Dutch colony. His huge role makes him one of the most respected national heroes of Indonesia, thus, to commemorate him, many traces of him can be found in Jakarta. Not only his statue, but street, MRT station, and museum are named by his. This fact made MH. Thamrin name is a familiar and common Things You Can See in Jakarta.

There is not only one statue of him that was erected, but three statues as Things You Can See in Jakarta if you are visiting and touring around Central Jakarta area. The oldest one is in the MH. Thamrin Museum’s area. His figure is carrying a book while standing and making a pointing gesture. The second statue is in the west part of the National Monument, but it is different from the first statue as the statue is not a full body figure.

The newest and most iconic one was erected on the intersection of Medan Merdeka and MH. Thamrin Street in Central Jakarta. This statue will become a popular spot for taking photos if there is an event in Jakarta, such as Jakarta’s anniversary. Many people visit Central Jakarta and take photos around the statue while visiting the National Monument area.

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