A Gems Center to Explore in Jakarta Local Markets Tour

An Iconic Gemstones Market to Find on Walking Tour in Jakarta

As a while ago gemstones became a trend that are vastly spread around Indonesia, Indonesians flocks to hunts gemstones in markets and shops around Indonesia, Jakarta no exception. There was even a dedicated market for gemstones vendors to sell their product in the market, it is the Jakarta Gems Center in the East Jakarta area, at Rawa Bening traditional Market.

A Variety of Gemstones to Choose from on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Gemstones became a huge trend back in the year of 2015, mostly among men. Some said that this phenomenon is caused by TV-shows, as a status symbol, or due to “fear of missing out” mentality. So, many people are eager to have at least one gemstone accessory that they can flaunt. As gemstones came in a wide variety of types and colors, there are many options to choose from the affordable to insanely expensive prices, as you can see in the picture here [insert picture here].

With a culture that mystical believe is a common thing in Indonesia, some people even believe that some gemstones have some “guard”, so they will benefit from something by wearing them. So, it is not a rare sight to see adult men or women wear colorful and varieties of sizes of gemstone accessories as rings or necklace.

 A Now Struggling Gemstones Market to Observe on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

As time goes by, the trend fades slowly. This is due to many factors such as pandemics and economical situations, less and less people come to buy gemstones. Many vendors have left the Jakarta Gems Center, and only a few vendors remain.

Explore Deeper the Gemstones Market with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you are an avid unique accessories collector, then visiting the gemstones market will be a good choice for you. Come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to experience the life of locals while shopping in the Jakarta local markets. See you around!

Things You Can See in Jakarta Local Markets Tour in Jakarta – Part 2

Peeking The Inside of Local Markets on Walking Tour in Jakarta

We previously mentioned gemstones, accessories, and toys to find inside Jakarta local markets. Along with those, there are also fresh products like vegetables, fruits, snacks, flowers and even pets. For some of these products, exist a dedicated market for a certain product in some locations in Jakarta. For example, if you want to find a group of wedding souvenirs, you can look around in Asemka or Jatinegara. While for toys, in Pasar Gembrong. And for flowers, in Pasar Rawa Belong.

Variety of Fresh Product to Find on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, long beans, and many more are easy to find in the traditional market of Jakarta. So do fruits; in this tropical country, you can easily find a variety of fruits that is in season. While bananas are available almost anywhere and whenever around the country, and some fruits like mangoes, snake fruits, avocadoes, and rambutan are available in particular seasons.

Fresh flowers can also be found easily in various market as giving flowers for a special occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays are a common practice. So does bringing flowers to funerals. The dedicated market for flowers is in Rawa Belong market, the West Part of Jakarta, where you can find a variety of local flowers.

Unique Animals and Pets to See on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Other than vegetables and fruits, you can also find animals that are sold to breed or to become house pets. There are ornamental fishes like goldfish or flowerhorn chiclids, poultry, cats, dogs, rabbits, even reptiles and turtles. However, the sad part of this practice is some of the animals are sold illegally and unethically, cause some of them are even endangered animals. So, if you decide to shop, please carefully consider the risks and effects.

Explore Jakarta Local Markets Deeper with Jakarta Walking Tour

To experience shopping inside local markets firsthand, come visit Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. See and find authentic and unique things while we stroll around the busy market with lots of products and vendors. See you around!

Things You Can See in Jakarta Local Markets Tour – Part 1

Exploring Local Markets on Walking Tour in Jakarta

You can find landmarks, historical iconic buildings, and museums during your visit in Jakarta. However, if you want to explore more of the daily life of Jakarta, try visiting a different one, a local market for example. Of course there are also traditional markets everywhere around the world, but there are so many different things that you can find in respective areas.

Things You Can Find on Jakarta Local Markets

Not much different from many other traditional markets around the globe, you can find many things in the market such as fresh products, appliances, fashion items, and accessories, but you might find something that you can rarely find anywhere beside Jakarta. One of them is a gemstones market.

A Gemstones Market to Visit on Jakarta Local Markets Tour

As gemstones became a trend a while ago in Indonesia, people, mostly men, tending to decorate their hands with colorful gemstones rings. Therefore, a traditional market to meet the demand for gemstones was built. One of them is Jakarta Gems Center in East Jakarta area. There are many vendors that offer various kinds of gemstones, in various colors and sizes.

Other Local Markets to Visit During Jakarta Walking Tour

Aside from the gemstones market, there are many other markets that are also worth visiting throughout Jakarta. You can also find markets for wedding souvenirs, accessories like pins, hair bands, necklaces, and bracelets, and markets that sell children’s toys. This kind of local market usually offers an abundance of choice at a more affordable price than stores in malls.

Come to visit us and join us in Jakarta Walking Tour if you want to know more about traditional markets of Jakarta. We will take you to see what you can find in the depth of Jakarta’s traditional markets. See you around!

Sailing Through The Maritime History with Pinisi Schooner on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Learning About Indonesian Maritime History on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Since Indonesia is a maritime country, transportation and distribution using ships via ocean is a common practice. Full of the maritime history, there is even a children’s song that mentioned that Indonesian’s ancestor are sailors. One of the physical pieces of evidence of this statement is the existence of Pinisi Schooner that can also be seen to this present day.

Find More About Pinisi Schooners While Joining Tour in Jakarta

Pinisi is literally means type of rigging of Indonesian sailing vessels. It uses seven to eight sails and two main masts on the front and rear part of the ship. This characteristic makes the Pinisi stand out in the vast ocean. The origin of this type of ship came from Bugis, Kojo, and Mandar ethnicity in South Sulawesi. In general, there are four types of wood that are used to build the ship, which are ironwood, bitti wood, punaga wood, and teak wood.

Follow The Trace of Indonesian Maritime History with Jakarta Walking Tour

You might find and see one of these legendary ships while visiting the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, as it is still used as a distribution mode from Jakarta to and from other cities and islands. Due to its sturdy body and good balance, it will remain steady to sail through big waves.

Many of the ships docks in the Sunda Kelapa harbor as the harbor is already famous since the fifth century and so many merchants from foreign countries such as China, Arabia, India, England, and Dutch come to Indonesia and docked to the harbor to trade. In the present day, the ships that are docking on the Sunda Kelapa harbor is used for transporting many kinds of items such as building materials, household appliances, and basic needs throughout Indonesia.

Explore Further While Visiting the Harbor with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you want to witness the grand Pinisi Schooner with your own eyes, come to Jakarta and join the Jakarta Walking Tour package. We will stroll around and visit iconic places to learn more about the maritime history of Indonesia. And there is a lot more to explore from the city’s history, culture, and delicacies. See you around!

Replenish Your Energy to Walk for Tour in Jakarta in the Café Batavia

Discover A Historical Building That is Functioned as A Café on Walking Tour in Jakarta

From many of the historical aspects that you can find of historical buildings in the Jakarta Old Town complex, Café Batavia is one of them. It has a high historical value since it was built mostly in the colonial era. It was relatively easy to find according to the location and authentic interior.

A Brief History of The Iconic Café That You Can Find While Walking Tour in Jakarta

This building was the second oldest building inside the Jakarta Old Town complex after the Fatahillah Museum. It was constructed around the 1830s. It was previously used as a place where Dutch officials reside and stayed. Later in the year 1990, the building was purchased by Graham James, and since 1993, it has been functioning as a restaurant.

An Iconic Combination of Modern and Old to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

This café is strategically easy to access and find, as it quite stands out with the many wide windows and green canopy with “Café Batavia” inscribed on it. You can peek a little inside of the interior from the outside. This café preserves the interior style from the colonial era, adding a nice antique ambience.

Delicious Combination of Delicacies to Taste on Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

This café offers a wide range of menu options. From traditional local food and Indo-Dutch cuisines are available there. You can go for nasi goreng, lontong medan, gado-gado, or sate ayam if you crave a local taste. Meanwhile, if you want something that has a touch of Dutch influence, they also offer bitterballen, erwtensoup, or nasi campur meeneer instead. They also offer a variety of traditional drinks, coffee, and tea. However, it is known that the menu will be changed from time to time.

Since the renovations, the restaurants have been standing for 30 years and have considered to be inaugurated as an official cultural heritage of Jakarta. If you are curious to find out more about this café, come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour to stroll around and find them. See you around!

Fatahillah Museum, A Scenery to View on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Discover Historical Buildings at Kota Tua on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The Jakarta Old Town or “Kota Tua”, according to how the locals say it, is a huge source to learn history of Jakarta as there are many historical buildings are there. Since Batavia was an administrative center of Dutch East Indies back in the colonial era, there a few of governmental buildings that is now operate as museums.

Learning the History of Batavia from Fatahillah Museum During Your Visit on Walking Tour in Jakarta

If you walk around the Jakarta Old Town, there is a building with many windows that stands facing the town square. It is the Fatahillah Museum, or in other name, Jakarta History Museum. This museum was formerly the city hall of Batavia, or Stadhuis, in the colonial era. This building has renovated and inaugurated by Governor General Abraham van Riebeeck as the administrative headquarter of the Dutch East India Company by the year of 1710.

There used to be a prison in the building’s basements. The ceilings are low and dark, causing prisoners to have too little space to just breathe. Poorly managed prison caused many prisoners died of illness such as cholera, typhus and lack of oxygen. After going through many eras and changes, in the 1970 after the Indonesian independence, it officially become one of the cultural heritages of Jakarta. And in the year 1974, it was inaugurated as the Jakarta History Museum.

Viewing Neoclassical Old Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

The Fatahillah Museum has a neoclassical style. It has a three story, painted with an earthy yellow color, and dark green door and window frame from teak wood. It also has a weathervane on the top of the building. The museum will open every day except Monday, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Explore More of the Old Town with Jakarta Walking Tour

There is a lot more to see and do in the Jakarta Old Town beside the museum. To find out more, come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to explore more about Jakarta history, cultures, and delicacies. See you around!

Lines of “International” Textile Stores to See During Walking Tour in Jakarta

Textile Stores at Pasar Baru, A Unique Sight While Walking Tour in Jakarta

We have briefly mentioned the history and Pasar Baru shopping district in general. This time, we want to introduce more about what you can see inside the area. The shopping district is filled with various kinds of stores, but textile, tailors, and clothing stores are the majority there.

A Mix of Different Cultures to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

While the building structure of the stores are influenced by European and Chinese style as the district was built during the colonial era, a hint of Indian cultures also shown by how many of Indian descendants run textile, carpet, and fabric stores there. This influence can also be seen by a few of the stores’ name, “Bombay Textile”, “Krishna Textile”, “Ganesha Textile”, etc.

Foreign Names That Create a Different Vibe While Tour in Jakarta

Inside the shopping districts, what is unique about the stores, especially textile and tailors, many of them are using words from other countries’ language. A few of the examples are “Alta Moda”, “Pronto Moda”, “Sakura Textile” and more. Strolling while passing these stores creates a different vibe than visiting local stores with local names. Other than the stores with foreign names, there are also stores with local names and sells local products. Some widely known franchises also can be easily found, such as fast-food chains and minimarkets that you can find anywhere around the city.

Experience The Unique Atmosphere by Yourself with Jakarta Walking Tour

To see what is more that this shopping district can offer by yourself, then come and visit Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour package, and we will take you to find more of what you can see and do in the city. Learning about the history, cultures, and delicacies of what the city can offer. See you around!

A Closer Look of Toko Kompak History on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Take A Glance of a Long History Amidst the Modern Era on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Pasar Baru is known to be a historical iconic district that was established a long time ago in Central Jakarta. However, an even older building can be found inside the district. It is called “Toko Kompak”, which “toko” stands for “store”, meanhile “kompak” stands for “unite”.

A Brief History of an Old Store to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

This store has a history as long as back to the 1800’s, before the Pasar Baru shopping district was established. It was built during the Dutch colonial era, and was once a residence of Chinese community leaders at that time, Tio Tek Ho. It is one of the oldest original Chinese styles building aside from Candra Naya at Jalan Gajah Mada.

Discover a Variation of a Style in one Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

One of the few things that make this old building stand out is the building structure. It is one of the buildings which has an atrium inside, and sunlight can get in through the windows from the upper side of the building, in another name, a rooflight. Lion dance is often invited to perform in this area on special occasions.

This building can be seen to combine a Chinese and European style in its structure. It is shown by the high entrance door, where there are two qilins carving. The inside is decorated with marble floor, which is believed to be the European influence. As time goes by, this building has changed ownerships and functions. It used to be a major’s house, household equipment, and even clothing store. In the year 2022, a Governor’s Decree stated that this place has become a cultural heritage of Jakarta.

See The Remnants of History on Walking Tour in Jakarta

To see this historical building even closer, come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour package during your stay. We will take you to explore more of the history, culture, and delicacies of Jakarta. See you around!

“Gereja Ayam”, A Historical Church to Visit During Walking Tour in Jakarta

A Unique Historical Building Worth to See on Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

Since in Indonesia there are many people who embrace various religions, there are also different places of worship were built. A few of the popular ones in Jakarta that quite stands out are Grand Mosque Istiqlal and Jakarta Cathedral that is located right across each other. Aside from those two, not very far from there, there is also a historical church that is worth seeing, which is GPIB Peniel, or better known as “Gereja Ayam”.

Located in Strategic Location for Walking Tour in Jakarta Route

The origin of its unique name which means “Chicken Church”, is due to the chicken symbol that stands on the top of the building. Besides that, it is approved by the government as the street name being also Jalan Gereja Ayam or Chicken Church Street. This church is located strategically near the Pasar Baru area, near the Pasar Baru shopping district. It will only take around one kilometer to reach the place.

Learn About the History of The Old Church on Tour in Jakarta

This church has a long history since its construction began a long time ago during the colonial era, in 1913, and finished two years later. It was said that during that period, civilians who were Protestants are difficult to seek places of worship since the other church are limited to the Dutch officials. Therefore, this church was built to provide a place to practice the religions among civilians where people from all class can come.

Seek The Details of Church with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you want to see firsthand and learn more about this church with its hundreds of years of history, then come to Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more about the city’s history, cultures, and delicacies during your stay. See you around!

Passing Through Gedung Antara That Stands Strong Through Many Eras, on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Another Historical Building to Pass While Strolling on Walking Tour in Jakarta

We have mentioned government buildings, army base, museums, and philatelic building in previous articles. And now, we would like to introduce you to a news agency building with many histories, which is Gedung Antara. It is one of the iconic buildings that is located around Pasar Baru area, near the old Indonesian post office. Preserving the colonial style, and stand right at the side of the street, it is rather easy to spot while you are strolling in the area.

Viewing Gedung Antara That Had Been Through Many Eras During Tour in Jakarta

Since this building was built around the colonial era, it has been an eyewitness for Indonesia through many eras. From Dutch colonial era, Japan colonial era, to post-Indonesian independence. It was once the East Indies News Bureau, or “Algemeen Nieuws- en Telegraaf- Agentschap”, the first news bureau in Batavia, established in the year 1917. Post-Indonesian independence, it has become a state-owned news bureau called “LKBN Antara”. This news bureau is the one that aired the proclamation of Indonesia on August 17, 1945.

Learning History Through Pictures in Photo Gallery While Passing by on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Adjacent to the main building, there is a photo gallery at the right side, the Antara Gallery Photo of Journalism. The gallery is often showcased pictures taken by their photojournalists time to time. This place was built to commemorate the contributions of pioneers and predecessors of Antara. The gallery is open from 10 AM to 8 PM everyday except Mondays.

Rows of Historical Buildings to Visit While Strolling with Jakarta Walking Tour

The location of this iconic building is near the Pasar Baru shopping district. You just need to walk around five minutes to the left by the front gate of the shopping district, facing right at the river. So, you can enjoy shopping or snacking while learning about history and culture in the area. Come to Jakarta, join our Walking Tour, and we will take you to more interesting places in Central Jakarta. See you around!