“Museum Gajah” Statue as An Iconic Things You Can See in Jakarta

If you heard “Museum Gajah” or translated as elephant museum, the first thing that came to your mind was probably it is a museum of elephants where elephants are preserved or contain a history about elephants, but this time, it is not the case if the elephant statue is one of the few Things You Can see in Jakarta.

The elephant museum is another name to mention the National Museum, the museum that is located right beside the National Monument or Monas, the landmark of Jakarta. The reason for the name is the location of the iconic elephant statue inside the museum’s complex.

The iconic bronze elephant statue is a gift from the leader of another South Asian Country, which is King Chulalongkorn or King Rama V of Thailand during his visit in the 1871. The statue is placed in front of the front door of the museum, so many people remember the museum as an elephant museum, the museum which has an elephant statue. And to this day, the museum has become one of a must Things You Can See in Jakarta.

However, the museum is currently still undergoing renovation after it caught fire in September 2023, so, it is still closed and might reopen again in a year or so. Meanwhile, during your stay in Jakarta, you can still visit other museum for other Things You Can See in Jakarta.

You can still visit the National Monument nearby the museum, or visit the Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta Cathedral nearby, or taking photos on other iconic spot or unique Things You Can See in Jakarta. If you are not sure where and what to do and see once you step into Central Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will be delighted to give you recommendations and take you to see closer to what is Jakarta has to offer. See you around!