Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 1

There are a few Things You Can See in Jakarta; alongside Things You Can Do in Jakarta, mostly in Central Jakarta. Statues are one of the things you can see in many corners of Jakarta. The most iconic one is Monumen Selamat Datang or better known as Monumen Bundaran HI, or Hotel Indonesia roundabout, a statue of a man and woman with a welcoming gesture.

The second iconic statue is called Tugu Tani, or Patung Pahlawan (Heroes Monument). This statue is created to depict a symbolism as how Indonesians fights for their independence. Another hero that contributing a lot for Indonesian is General Soedirman. The big size of the statue makes it outstanding among its environment, makes it as one of the Things You Can See in Jakarta easily if you happened to pass by it.

Mentioning heroes’ statues, the MH. Thamrin cannot be forgotten. He is also a very important figure as for Indonesian, he contributes a lot for Indonesian for being active to strive for Indonesian independence both nationally and internationally. To show respect for his contributions, there is not only one statue that was erected to commemorate him. In fact, there are three statues as some Things You Can See in Jakarta.

Aside from those heroes’ statues to commemorate Indonesian struggle to fight for independence, there is one iconic statue that is located near the landmark of Jakarta, which is the National Monument. It is an elephant statue, inside the complex of the National Museum, makes it easy to remember so Jakartans sometimes also called the National Museum as Elephant Museum. It is believed that the statue is a gift from a king from another country.

There are also many other statues That You Can See in Jakarta, each has its own history and background. If you are curious about finding one, consider visiting Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour package, and we will take you for a walk around Central Jakarta. You might find a lot more interesting stuff That You Can See in Jakarta. So, don’t hesitate anymore, see you in Jakarta soon!