The Iconic Monument Selamat Datang as Things You Can See in Jakarta

When arriving in Jakarta and your destination is Central Jakarta, you will feel welcomed as one of the Things you Can See in Jakarta are a pair of statues that will be ready to greet you with their open arms. This pair of statues are a set of “Monumen Selamat Datang”, or literally means “welcome” statues.  

It is one of the iconic landmarks of Jakarta, as the location is in Central Jakarta, where the governmental and corporates’ buildings are gathered and standing tall. The statue is in the center of the roundabout near Hotel Indonesia, thus the name “Bundaran HI”. The statue is encircled by a beautiful water fountain, making it an iconic spot of Things You Can See in Jakarta.

Aside from the statues and its water fountain, there is another photo spot that you can see while you walk near Bundaran HI, which is a Transjakarta Bus Shelter, named Bundaran HI Astra Station. This iconic bus shelter is shaped like a cruise ship, completed with commercial area inside. What’s more, the strategic location provides a best view of Central Jakarta as one of the platforms is facing MH. Thamrin Street, while the other side is facing the “Monumen Selamat Datang”. So, you will get a nice view of the statue if you take photos on the second floor of the bus shelter.

Another activity that you can do around the statue is exercising, as Car Free Day events are usually held around the Bundaran HI. No motor vehicles are allowed to pass during this event, and people will gather to exercise, run, or cycling, and take photos together around the area. This event is usually held on a certain week on Sundays.  

A similar spot is Tosari Transjakarta Bus Shelter, also located near the Bundaran HI and the monument, with the same shape as the Bundaran HI shelter, it can be a good alternative of Things You Can See in Jakarta other than the most iconic one. Want to explore more Things You Can See in Jakarta? Then join our Jakarta Walking Tour during your visit to find out more about Jakarta. See you around!