Some New Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Pos Bloc

Just last year, a new place had established as a new place for Things You Can Do in Jakarta, which is in Central Jakarta, the Pos Bloc. It used to be a post office but renovated and functioned as a business and entertainment center since November 2023.

A few Things You Can Do in Jakarta inside the Pos Bloc includes dining, snacking, shopping, sitting around, working, or taking photos. Once you arrive at the place, you will see a mix of new and old style in the design. Although the place had renovated, some parts of the old post office are persevered to provide the esthetic.

You will find many options for dining since many food tenants open their business there. Besides, there is also a minimarket where you can buy snacks and drinks. After that, you can sit and enjoy your snacks in front of the building outside since they provide many seats.

Not there are a load of Things You Can Do in Jakarta at Pos Bloc, but the location is also strategically easy to reach by public transport. You can ride Transjakarta Busway and get off at Pasar Baru Station, or Juanda Station if you are riding a commuter line. However, unfortunately there are not many parking spaces for private cars or motorbikes. So, you might have to park your vehicle at Pasar Baru across the Pos Bloc.

The Pos Bloc is open every day at 10 AM to 10 PM except weekend, since they will open from 7 AM. So, you can visit the Pos Bloc anytime you are available for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. You can dine, shop, and sit with a view of the street and the Pasar Baru shopping district while snacking.

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A Couple Things You Can Do in Jakarta, at Lapangan Banteng Area

If you like to do some activities instead of just shopping and dining, visiting a park could become your choice for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. So, if you want to explore parks in Central Jakarta, we suggest you visit Lapangan Banteng.

A brief history of the place, Lapangan Banteng used to be named “Waterlooplein” to commemorate the defeat of France in the Battle of Waterloo by the Dutch colony. There was a lion statue as a sign of victory, so the other name was “Lion Field”. Since the lion symbolize Dutch colonialism, the former president of Indonesia, Soekarno renamed the field as Lapangan Banteng or literally means “Buffalo’s Field”.

In the present time, Lapangan Banteng has been functioning as a recreational park. A place where you can do many activities for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. You can exercise, bike, run, picnic, or sightsee in the area. There is also an iconic monument where you can take pictures. It is a statue of a man with widespread arm, to representation of West Papua Liberation from the Dutch colony, Irian Jaya Liberation Monument.

The location is in the heart of the city, Central Jakarta, close with other iconic places such as the Jakarta Cathedral and Pos Bloc. So, you can make a short stop at other places before or after visiting the park. As there are many Things You Can Do in Jakarta around this area, you can choose which one suit your preference more.

The place is open from 6 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and closes at 9 PM on weekends. Another perk, there is a fountain attraction every Saturdays and Sunday nights from 6.30 to 7.30 PM. On certain occasions, plants and animals’ exhibitions held in the field. So, there are so many options for Things You Can Do in Jakarta in this place.

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Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Watching Art Shows in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Aside from culinary and shopping activities, you might seek another new and fresh experience when visiting Jakarta, so try visiting a theater as one of a few Things You Can Do in Jakarta. If you are exploring Pasar Baru area, make a stop to Jakarta Art Building or Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ).

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a theater building that is located near Pasar Baru shopping district. It is one of historical buildings in Central Jakarta as it is built in Dutch colonial era. Despite as a theater building, the building itself has been used for many purposes as years went by. Aside for performances, it was used to hold congress, military headquarters, and meetings. A few of them are the meeting for planning to achieve Indonesian independence.

Nowadays, the building has returned to function as a theater where art performances, concerts, and shows are held. So, it can be a different alternative for Things You Can Do in Jakarta aside from food and shopping spots. However, you might have to look for a schedule of what is playing for the day in advance. You can see more details from the website here:

The capacity of the building is about 475 people. It is free to visit the inside of the building, but if there are performances or shows, you must buy or make reservations for the tickets. This theater is very accessible, and you can reach the place by Transjakarta Bus or commuter line. Besides, it is located near Pasar Baru and Pos Bloc, so, watching shows and performances can make it to your list of Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside eating and shopping.

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Things You Can do In Jakarta, Activities to Do in Pasar Baru

Once you arrive in Central Jakarta and if you might wonder what possibly the Things You can Do in Jakarta, come visit Pasar Baru. It is a district that includes various buildings that function as shops or restaurants. Despite the name as Pasar Baru or literally means “New Market”, this shopping district was established in 1820 when the city still using the Batavia name.

The iconic part of this district is the building style that reflects a mix between European and oriental style. So, the area stands out between the buildings around the districts, making it easy to be found. The district is located strategically near the other tourist spots such as Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral. It is also across the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, or Jakarta Art Building. There are many things to do in this iconic shopping district, so adding Pasar Baru to your Things You Can Do in Jakarta might be worth trying.

Culturally, the area reflects a mixed of Chinese, Dutch colonial, and Indian culture. You can find a lot of textile and carpet shops in the districts, thus the area is also known as the “Little India” of Indonesia, where a lot of people from Indian descendants open their business there. With many restaurants, food stalls, and shops open there, eating and shopping are the options of Things You Can Do in Jakarta.

Across the shopping district, there is the newly renovated Pos Bloc, that used to be a Post Office building, and functioned as a shopping and food district from 2022. You can clearly see the building from Pasar Baru’s main gate. You can easily reach the place by crossing the bridge over the river in front of Pasar Baru.

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Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 2

If there are some Things You Can See in Jakarta, there are also some Things You Can Do in Jakarta. Despite the busy life as the center as the capital city of Indonesia, with tall skyscrapers built in the Central Jakarta, Jakartans also need some recreational place to relax and recharge their energies after a busy schedule. Therefore, some places are built to cater Jakartans needs to do other activities besides working and going home in Jakarta.

One of the Things You Can See in Jakarta is Pasar Baru (Passer Baroe), a very old market that was established years ago and still being functioned until the present day. It provides other Things You Can Do in Jakarta besides working. People can go sightseeing, to shops, and eat various kinds of delicious food inside the market complex.

From other Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside shopping and eating, some people will prefer to take a picture at a scenic spot. With the former Post Office that is now transformed as Pos Bloc, the place now become a popular spot for young people to gather, having fun, take pictures, and eat. The location is strategically across the Pasar Baru. So, you can just walk from Pasar Baru to reach Pos Bloc.

Not only Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta also must be added to Things You Can See in Jakarta bucket list. While it is located near Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, this building is mainly used for art shows, such as musicals, theater, dance, and many other activities. People usually need to book tickets for the shows that are being featured as the capacity is often limited.

Just another Things You Can See in Jakarta besides statues, markets, and restaurants or food joints, is parks. The popular big park among Jakartans is Lapangan Banteng or literally mean “Buffalo Field” in English. Many people come to this park for recreation, and sometimes used to organize events, such as plant and animal’s exhibitions or small concerts.

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Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 1

There are a few Things You Can See in Jakarta; alongside Things You Can Do in Jakarta, mostly in Central Jakarta. Statues are one of the things you can see in many corners of Jakarta. The most iconic one is Monumen Selamat Datang or better known as Monumen Bundaran HI, or Hotel Indonesia roundabout, a statue of a man and woman with a welcoming gesture.

The second iconic statue is called Tugu Tani, or Patung Pahlawan (Heroes Monument). This statue is created to depict a symbolism as how Indonesians fights for their independence. Another hero that contributing a lot for Indonesian is General Soedirman. The big size of the statue makes it outstanding among its environment, makes it as one of the Things You Can See in Jakarta easily if you happened to pass by it.

Mentioning heroes’ statues, the MH. Thamrin cannot be forgotten. He is also a very important figure as for Indonesian, he contributes a lot for Indonesian for being active to strive for Indonesian independence both nationally and internationally. To show respect for his contributions, there is not only one statue that was erected to commemorate him. In fact, there are three statues as some Things You Can See in Jakarta.

Aside from those heroes’ statues to commemorate Indonesian struggle to fight for independence, there is one iconic statue that is located near the landmark of Jakarta, which is the National Monument. It is an elephant statue, inside the complex of the National Museum, makes it easy to remember so Jakartans sometimes also called the National Museum as Elephant Museum. It is believed that the statue is a gift from a king from another country.

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