The Great Commander Statue as Things You Can See in Jakarta

Once you arrived in Jakarta, one of the common Things You Can See in Jakarta is symbolic signs that represent the people’s struggle to fight for their independence. One of them is heroes’ statues that has been erected in many spots across Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

One of the most influential figures that contributed a lot for Indonesian independence is The Great Commander Sudirman, or Jenderal Sudirman. He is the first commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces and played a huge role to prevent the Dutch plan to decolonize Republic of Indonesia in the Serangan Umum 1 Maret on the year of 1949.

Indonesian citizens have so much respect for him, thus there is a street in Jakarta is named by his. It is the Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, or General Sudirman Street, where his big statue was erected and standing tall. The size is 12 meters with the weight of four tons. The statue makes a salute’s gesture, which is said that it means he wants to respect the people, instead to be respected by people. Indonesian put huge respects for heroes that contributes to Indonesian independence, so heroes’ statues is one of the view Things You Can See in Jakarta.

It is also the iconic Things You Can See in Jakarta, especially in the center and southern parts of Jakarta. The strategic location, as it is near the Sudirman Commuter Line Station and Dukuh Atas BNI MRT Station, makes it easy to reach by. However, amidst the location that is in the middle of Transjakarta Busway lanes, you can only take a picture up close when the Car Free Day is held on Sundays.

Nevertheless, you can still try to take shot from the pedestrian bridge nearby. The statue has such a contrast view from other tall buildings surrounds it and looks beautiful at night as the light from nearby buildings shines to it. If you are curious to find more about Things You Can See in Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to walk with us and discover great things in Jakarta. See you around!