Things You Can See in Jakarta – Part 2

If there are some Things You Can See in Jakarta, there are also some Things You Can Do in Jakarta. Despite the busy life as the center as the capital city of Indonesia, with tall skyscrapers built in the Central Jakarta, Jakartans also need some recreational place to relax and recharge their energies after a busy schedule. Therefore, some places are built to cater Jakartans needs to do other activities besides working and going home in Jakarta.

One of the Things You Can See in Jakarta is Pasar Baru (Passer Baroe), a very old market that was established years ago and still being functioned until the present day. It provides other Things You Can Do in Jakarta besides working. People can go sightseeing, to shops, and eat various kinds of delicious food inside the market complex.

From other Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside shopping and eating, some people will prefer to take a picture at a scenic spot. With the former Post Office that is now transformed as Pos Bloc, the place now become a popular spot for young people to gather, having fun, take pictures, and eat. The location is strategically across the Pasar Baru. So, you can just walk from Pasar Baru to reach Pos Bloc.

Not only Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta also must be added to Things You Can See in Jakarta bucket list. While it is located near Pos Bloc and Pasar Baru, this building is mainly used for art shows, such as musicals, theater, dance, and many other activities. People usually need to book tickets for the shows that are being featured as the capacity is often limited.

Just another Things You Can See in Jakarta besides statues, markets, and restaurants or food joints, is parks. The popular big park among Jakartans is Lapangan Banteng or literally mean “Buffalo Field” in English. Many people come to this park for recreation, and sometimes used to organize events, such as plant and animal’s exhibitions or small concerts.

Now, are you ready to explore Things You Can See in Jakarta? Then during your visit in Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more around Jakarta and find Things You Can See in Jakarta with us. See you around!