Some New Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Pos Bloc

Just last year, a new place had established as a new place for Things You Can Do in Jakarta, which is in Central Jakarta, the Pos Bloc. It used to be a post office but renovated and functioned as a business and entertainment center since November 2023.

A few Things You Can Do in Jakarta inside the Pos Bloc includes dining, snacking, shopping, sitting around, working, or taking photos. Once you arrive at the place, you will see a mix of new and old style in the design. Although the place had renovated, some parts of the old post office are persevered to provide the esthetic.

You will find many options for dining since many food tenants open their business there. Besides, there is also a minimarket where you can buy snacks and drinks. After that, you can sit and enjoy your snacks in front of the building outside since they provide many seats.

Not there are a load of Things You Can Do in Jakarta at Pos Bloc, but the location is also strategically easy to reach by public transport. You can ride Transjakarta Busway and get off at Pasar Baru Station, or Juanda Station if you are riding a commuter line. However, unfortunately there are not many parking spaces for private cars or motorbikes. So, you might have to park your vehicle at Pasar Baru across the Pos Bloc.

The Pos Bloc is open every day at 10 AM to 10 PM except weekend, since they will open from 7 AM. So, you can visit the Pos Bloc anytime you are available for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. You can dine, shop, and sit with a view of the street and the Pasar Baru shopping district while snacking.

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