Things You Can do In Jakarta, Activities to Do in Pasar Baru

Once you arrive in Central Jakarta and if you might wonder what possibly the Things You can Do in Jakarta, come visit Pasar Baru. It is a district that includes various buildings that function as shops or restaurants. Despite the name as Pasar Baru or literally means “New Market”, this shopping district was established in 1820 when the city still using the Batavia name.

The iconic part of this district is the building style that reflects a mix between European and oriental style. So, the area stands out between the buildings around the districts, making it easy to be found. The district is located strategically near the other tourist spots such as Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral. It is also across the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, or Jakarta Art Building. There are many things to do in this iconic shopping district, so adding Pasar Baru to your Things You Can Do in Jakarta might be worth trying.

Culturally, the area reflects a mixed of Chinese, Dutch colonial, and Indian culture. You can find a lot of textile and carpet shops in the districts, thus the area is also known as the “Little India” of Indonesia, where a lot of people from Indian descendants open their business there. With many restaurants, food stalls, and shops open there, eating and shopping are the options of Things You Can Do in Jakarta.

Across the shopping district, there is the newly renovated Pos Bloc, that used to be a Post Office building, and functioned as a shopping and food district from 2022. You can clearly see the building from Pasar Baru’s main gate. You can easily reach the place by crossing the bridge over the river in front of Pasar Baru.

If you carefully stroll around the inside of Pasar Baru, you might find other Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside eating and shopping, as you might find some old temple or other unique building structure. So, if you have a chance to visit Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour, and we will take you to explore Jakarta with a closer look. See you around!