Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Watching Art Shows in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Aside from culinary and shopping activities, you might seek another new and fresh experience when visiting Jakarta, so try visiting a theater as one of a few Things You Can Do in Jakarta. If you are exploring Pasar Baru area, make a stop to Jakarta Art Building or Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ).

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a theater building that is located near Pasar Baru shopping district. It is one of historical buildings in Central Jakarta as it is built in Dutch colonial era. Despite as a theater building, the building itself has been used for many purposes as years went by. Aside for performances, it was used to hold congress, military headquarters, and meetings. A few of them are the meeting for planning to achieve Indonesian independence.

Nowadays, the building has returned to function as a theater where art performances, concerts, and shows are held. So, it can be a different alternative for Things You Can Do in Jakarta aside from food and shopping spots. However, you might have to look for a schedule of what is playing for the day in advance. You can see more details from the website here:

The capacity of the building is about 475 people. It is free to visit the inside of the building, but if there are performances or shows, you must buy or make reservations for the tickets. This theater is very accessible, and you can reach the place by Transjakarta Bus or commuter line. Besides, it is located near Pasar Baru and Pos Bloc, so, watching shows and performances can make it to your list of Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside eating and shopping.

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