Enjoy A Fulfilling Breakfast in Jakarta to Start Your Day – Part II

In the previous article, we introduced you to a few options for breakfast in Jakarta. We have mentioned about nasi uduk, nasi kuning, lontong sayur, and mie ayam. However, that is not all. There are still so many options for breakfast in Jakarta, but we will introduce you to a few more.

Now we will introduce another breakfast menu that is made from rice, which is chicken porridge. Maybe in other countries, porridge is usually served to a person who is not in good health. However, in Jakarta, eating chicken porridge is a common practice.

Chicken porridge is usually served shredded chicken, cakwe, peanuts, and poured with soy sauce. It is a perfect choice for breakfast in Jakarta as it will not make you too full but can give you a little burst of energy to start your daily activities.

Next option of breakfast in Jakarta is called ketoprak. If you ever taste gado-gado, it might look similar, but they have a little difference. While gado-gado sauce and vegetables are boiled before processed to be served, in ketoprak, it is served raw.

The main ingredients are tofu, glass noodles, lontong, cucumber, bean sprout, boiled, and boiled egg. Poured with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. It also has a sweet and savory flavor, similar to gado-gado.

Moving on, we have nasi bakar or grilled rice. It is a rice dish with a filling of side dish, wrapped in banana leaves. And then, nasi rames or mixed rice, a portion of rice with a variety of dish that you can choose based on your preferences. And, the last but not least, nasi Padang, a very popular rice dish with rendang options as most Indonesians would love.

Now that we have introduced you to the a few options of breakfast in Jakarta, is there any option that you are curious to try? Then come visit us in Jakarta, take a walk with us to join our Jakarta Food Tour, try a few options of breakfast in Jakarta firsthand with us, and tell us which one is your favorite. See you around!


Enjoy A Fulfilling Breakfast in Jakarta to Start Your Day – Part I

A rich variety of breakfast in Jakarta might seem unusual for international tourists, as instead of bread or salad, we start the morning by eating something heavy, most of them are rice dishes or made with rice. From white rice, yellow rice, or even porridge, we have all.

We introduce you to the first option of breakfast in Jakarta, which is nasi uduk. Although the appearance is similar to the original white rice, this type of dish has a very different taste. Despite the same texture, it has a dominant savory flavor. This flavor came from the coconut milk that is used in steaming the rice. For nasi uduk Jakarta, it usually served with some side dishes as fried noodle, eggs, tempeh, or peanuts.

The second choice of breakfast in Jakarta is nasi kuning. As the name suggests, kuning means yellow in Indonesian. So, it is rice with yellow color. It also tastes different from original rice, but less savory than nasi uduk. The taste mainly comes from spices, such as turmeric that color the rice. It is also served with some side dishes such as eggs, tempeh, tofu, and peanuts.

The third choice of breakfast in Jakarta is lontong sayur. Lontong is a tube-shaped rice cake that is made from rice, wrapped inside banana leaf, and then steamed. When served, it is usually cut into few slices, added into a thick broth rich of spices. Just a reminder, since this dish came from Sumatera Barat, where the locals prefer their dish to be spicy, be prepared for the spiciness. If you have a weak stomach, don’t choose it to be an opening to your meals.

A quite different type of breakfast in Jakarta is mie ayam, or chicken noodle. Although it looks fulfilling to be eaten in the morning, finding Jakartans eating it for breakfast near the office before getting ready to work is such a common sight. It is different than instant noodles that is sold in minimarket or streetside stalls.

The noodles and ingredients are usually handmade. The noodles are made from wheat flour. With chopped chicken meat marinated in sweet soy sauce, mie ayam is such a perfect choice to fill your stomach quickly. There are more, but stay tuned for part II!

Avocado Fruit Drinks in Jakarta to Refresh Your Day

You may find avocadoes in sushi, sandwiches, and salads, but do you know that avocado is from vegetable or fruit families? If you guess that avocado is a type of fruit, then you are correct. When you usually using avocadoes alongside with vegetables for your meals, you might be surprised to see how Indonesian consume them. It is often found as an option for drinks in Jakarta.

Indonesian view and treat avocadoes the same as other fruits. So, it can often be found in drinks and dessert instead of your usual meals. Avocadoes can be found as one of the options for fruit juice menu. It’s usually blended, added with ice and chocolate flavor condensed milk, with a bit of sugar. Both are a perfect choice for drinks in Jakarta.

Avocado is also a perfect option for topping in iced desserts. One of the examples, es cendol that is made from rice flour. Es cendol has many variants of topping aside from avocado, mostly jackfruit and durian. Other kind of dessert is es teler, that includes a few variations of Indonesian fruits. It’s usually served cold and tastes sweet from the syrup or sugar.

There is also a type of drinks of Jakarta called “alpukat kocok”. Alpukat is Indonesian name for avocado. It uses avocado as a main ingredient. Basically, using just blended avocadoes, added with coconut water, sugar, milk, and ice.

With abundant produce of tropical fruits, Indonesian created many creations of drinks and dishes made from them and avocado became one of the popular drinks in Jakarta. Curious about the taste of avocado if consumed as drinks?

Then let’s join us while you are visiting Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore varieties of delicacies of Jakarta. See you around!

The Secret of Sweet Taste from Indonesian Delicacies

Have you tasted sweet martabak, es teler, and soda susu while visiting or staying in Indonesia? When you take a bite of the dishes, you might taste a nice and sweet flavor. It came from sweetened condensed milk, or susu kental manis, often abbreviated as SKM.

Sweetened condensed milk is made from cow’s milk and added with sugar. The texture is thicker and stickier than ordinary cow’s milk. SKM is often used for cooking ingredients and to add flavor in some kind of drinks.

One of the examples of SKM using in food is in martabak. While egg martabak tastes savory and it is made from eggs, meat and green onions, sweet martabak is a kind of pancake with various fillings. It is also called terang bulan in some Java areas. Usually, customers can choose what they like for the sweet martabak filling. There are wide options such as chocolate sprinkles, shredded cheese, nuts, banana and SKM.

Aside from food, SKM is also often used in drinks. A few examples of them are es teler and soda susu. Es teler is a kind of fruit cocktail served with ice. A few kinds of fruit are used as ingredients and the sweet taste came from sugar and SKM. For a more detailed explanation about es teler, please go here: https://wp.me/p5DzGJ-IX

The other type of drink that also using SKM is soda susu. It is made from clear or colored carbonated drinks, added with SKM, served with ice. It is a perfect choice to drink in hot weather. Go here if you want to know more details about soda susu: https://wp.me/p5DzGJ-J0

There are also many kinds of drinks and snacks using SKM in Indonesia, but sweet martabak, es teler, and soda susu are a few of the popular ones in Jakarta. If you join our Jakarta Food Tour, you might be able to taste them if you are curious. So, let’s join us if you have a plan to visit Jakarta. See you around!

Enjoy Varieties of Soup in Jakarta as a Mid-Day Snack

Usually, a variety of soto and soup in Jakarta are served to be eaten with a portion of rice. But, aside from those, there are a few dishes that can be eaten as is. These dishes often are served as snacks, but you can also choose to eat it with rice. They are bakso, bakwan malang, and tekwan.

Literal translation for bakso is meatballs, but meatballs dish in Indonesian is often served with soup broth. The popular and widely available bakso dish is made from cow meat. There are also other kinds that made from chicken, fish, or shrimp meat, but it can only be found in certain areas. Beside the meatballs itself, the dish has some additional ingredients such as bean sprouts, glass noodles, egg noodles, bean sprouts, and scallions as the topping.

Meanwhile, bakwan malang, sometimes also called bakso malang, is a signature dish from Malang, East Java area. It is as popular as ordinary bakso dish of a soup in Jakarta. It usually includes a variety of meatballs and fried food, such as meatballs, siumay, fried meatballs, fried dumplings, and tofu meatballs. Another difference is that the broth is cooked with beef bones and innards, so the texture is thicker as it contains more fat.

One other kind of soup in Jakarta is tekwan. It originated from South Sumatera, Palembang. The main ingredients are fish meatballs that are made from fish meat and tapioca flour. It is served in shrimp soup broth with a distinctive flavor. Vermicelli, julienned jicamas, green onions, celery, and black mushrooms are often included as complementary ingredients.

While both bakso and bakso malang taste more savory, tekwan has a slight sweetness that came from the fish meat and shrimp broth. Choose what will suit your preference more of an option for soup in Jakarta.

Not too hungry but not too full either? Then these three options are a perfect choice for you. Let’s join our Jakarta Walking Tour, and you might have a chance to taste these varieties of soup in Jakarta with us. See you around!

Experience Different Tastes of Vegetable Soup in Jakarta

A variety of Vegetable soup in Jakarta is spread widely in various parts of Jakarta. A few kinds of the dish include sayur asem, a vegetable soup with various ingredients with sour and savory broth, sayur bayam, spinach soup with clear broth, and sayur lodeh, a vegetable soup dish with coconut milk broth.

As an agricultural country, Indonesia produces many varieties of vegetables. So, it is normal to find dish creation with vegetables as main ingredients. One of them is sayur asem. Sayur asem is popular widely all over Indonesian. It has many versions from East to West, such as Sumatera, Jakarta, West Java, and Kalimantan version. The most popular version of soup in Jakarta in the capital city is sayur asem Jakarta. The vegetables that are used from ingredients such as long beans, peanuts, young jackfruit, melinjo, vegetable starfruit, chayote, tamarind, and corn.

The difference of sayur asem Jakarta from version of other areas are in thicker and richer broth as its use many kinds of Indonesian spices, which is shrimp paste, candlenuts, and chili peppers. It has a savory, sour, sweet, and a little spicy flavor.

Another kind of vegetable soup in Jakarta is sayur bayam, it is a simple dish made from spinach and clear broth, usually seasoned only with sugar, pepper, and salt. For Javanese version, it is dominant in sweet flavor. But in other areas, some people prefer it to be saltier.

As for sayur lodeh, it is a bit similar with sayur asem. Also using a few kinds of vegetables such as chayote, long beans, eggplant, bitter bean, tempeh, chili, and small corn, completed with coconut milk broth. It is rather thick if compared to the other types of soup in Jakarta and has a dominant savory and sweet flavor.

Curious about the difference flavors of soup in Jakarta? Then walk with us on Jakarta Food Tour, experience a journey to find unique and authentic taste of Jakarta. See you around!

A Unique Variety of Soup in Jakarta from the South

As we have introduced varieties of soup in Jakarta in the previous article, now we could move on to other soups of Indonesia. Aside from Jakarta as the capital city, other provinces also offer a rich variety of soups, for example, sop pindang ikan patin (shark catfish soup) from Palembang, South Sumatera, and sop konro (beef soup) from Makassar, South Sulawesi. Both soups that come from outside Jakarta are also popular among the locals.

First, about sop pindang ikan patin. It is a soup dish using shark catfish as a main ingredient. The cooking method is also out of the ordinary, it is called “pindang”, a cooking method by boiling the fish meat in brine or acidic solutions. It is a relatively simple dish that is easy to cook using only a few ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, galangal, chili, and tamarind boiled in a broth. It has a savory and a hint of sour taste from the tamarind. The freshness of the soup makes it a popular soup in Jakarta.

The other type of soup is sop konro. Konro literally means cow in South Sulawesi. The main ingredient for this dish is beef ribs or other parts of cow. Meanwhile sop pindang ikan patin is a simple dish, on the other hand, konro are richer in flavor as it is using many varieties of Indonesian spices such as coriander, nutmeg, galanga, aromatic ginger, cinnamon, clove, and keluak that adds the black color in the dish.

Konro has a “dry” version, in which the beef ribs and meat are grilled, and the soup is served separately, and widely known as konro bakar. The taste of this dish is relatively richer with sweet and savory as a dominant flavor. This dish can be found in Makassar restaurant or a restaurant that sells particularly sop konro and konro bakar as a main dish.

Ready to taste a warm and delicious soup in Jakarta? Then let’s walk with us in Jakarta Food Tour to taste unique and authentic Indonesian food. See you around!

Enjoy a Tasty Experience of Soup in Jakarta

Need something refreshing in this hot weather? Then let us introduce Soup in Jakarta. The rich flavor of the broth will bring your tasting experience on another level. While there are a dozen of soup-based type food spreading in Indonesia, we will introduce you some of Soup in Jakarta that are popular and warmly welcomed by Jakartans, which are soto lamongan, soto mie, and soto betawi.

The first kind of Soup in Jakarta is soto lamongan. “Soto” is a type of soup using a hot broth that prepared in advance poured to ingredients that is ready to be served. While “Lamongan” is where the dish came from, it is the name of a city from Central Java. It contains finely chopped chicken meat, vermicelli, cabbage, onions, and cooked with other Indonesian spices. The warm broth will refresh and supply your body with enough hydration, and the clean taste will make it easy to swallow. It is a perfect dish to eat when you have a cold.

The next Soup in Jakarta is soto mie. Soto mie originated from Bogor, West Java. So, it is often to find vendors who put up “Soto Mie Bogor” as their sign. The dish is made from noodles, beef, or other parts of cows such as its feet, tripe, and innards, depend on the request of the customers since not everyone can eat intestines, added with fresh tomatoes, vegetables, cabbage, potatoes, risoles, and poured with beef broth. This is can also easily found in various parts of Jakarta and West Java.

The last one is soto betawi, the authentic Soup in Jakarta. It is an authentic dish brought by native of Jakarta, Betawi people. The dish is known for its distinctive broth that uses a mix of fresh milk and coconut milk. Similar to soto mie, cow meat is also used as the soup filling, making it a rich and flavorful dish. You can also read about soto betawi in details here: https://t.ly/6kPT0

Now, are you ready to taste a delicious Soup in Jakarta? Then let’s join our food tour and you can have a tasty experience of warm food in Jakarta. See you around!

Refreshing Warm Food in Jakarta to Keep You Hydrated

Indonesia is known for the hot weather during dry season; hence, it offers a lot of delicious choice of soups in different areas, especially soup in Jakarta. Climate change recently has caused the heat to increase significantly. For people who have a lot of activities outside, it will be difficult and challenging. To soothe the bodies, we need something refreshing to consume, food and drinks for example.

There are a few of popular soup in Jakarta, which are soto lamongan, contain chicken meat with broth and vegetables, soto mie, contains of noodles, beef, and vegetables, and soto betawi. To know more about soto betawi, please go here https://tinyurl.com/468v9uts . You can find any of these dishes easily around Jakarta. It is a refreshing warm food in the middle of hot weather. A glass of iced tea or iced orange would be a perfect combination for soup in Jakarta.

There is a different naming of food with broth in Jakarta, which is “sop” or soup and “soto”. Usually, it depends on where the food originated, the cooking process, and ingredients, but both are served with broth that has a rich flavor.

Aside from the variety that is mentioned above, there are also soup based food other areas aside soup in Jakarta. Sop ikan pindang patin or tilapia soup can also be found in Jakarta. This dish originated from the island of Sumatera, Palembang. The other soup is sop konro. It is a soup-based dish that uses beef ribs as its main ingredients. This dish originated from Sulawesi, Makassar.

Another type of soup in Jakarta uses vegetables as its main ingredients. It is sayur asem, a dish using various kinds of vegetables, with a sour and savory soup using tamarind, sayur bayam, spinach soup, and sayur lodeh, mainly using long beans and shredded chayote and with coconut milk broth.

Curious about the different taste of soto and soup in Jakarta? Then come to Jakarta and join our Food Tour to have rich tasting experience of Indonesian delicacy. See you around!

Es Cendol Durian, A Glass of Tropical Sensation

Es Cendol Durian, pretty by the look, delicious by the taste. The green color of rice flour jellies, with the white color of coconut milk, in addition with the brown sugar and yellow color of durian fruit, make a beautiful combination.

By the name, Es Cendol Durian, it is certainly a cold drink, by “es”, means ice or iced drinks. It is one of the many popular iced drinks in Indonesia. The texture of cendol, or the green rice flour jellies in the drink, is soft, light and not too heavy. A perfect choice for appetizer or dessert.

Es Cendol Durian is one of the variations of es cendol created by Indonesian. The original one does not have any toppings. Today, a few a variations of es cendol came with topping options, durian fruit, tapai (fermented sweet cassava), avocado or jackfruits. Actually, the original one also served without ice before refrigeration is invited, and has a different name in Javanese, called “dawet”. Along with many inventions of technology, many varieties of iced drinks can be found easily in the world, including Indonesia.

A few cuts of durian fruits in a glass of Es Cendol Durian add more sweetness to the flavor and creamy textures. Some fact about durian, even though durian fruit is native to Indonesia, some Indonesian also not familiar with it as it smells and taste might be too strong for some people. The strong smell causing it to be forbidden to carry in some public spaces, a plane or a bus for example. So, it will be either you love it, or hate it. However, if you think you are adventurous enough to try some new taste, you can challenge yourself.

A glass of es cendol can be easily found in the city, from street peddlers or in a menu at some restaurants. The price can also vary, depending on the area they are selling. However, it will still be quite affordable as the ingredients are easy to find.

With Jakarta Food Tour, find unique and unusual delicacies that the city can offer. From savory, sweet, to spicy, you name it. Make sure to prepare comfortable clothes and shoes to walk around on a hot day in a tropical city and try the tropical taste of Es Cendol Durian with us.