Avocado Fruit Drinks in Jakarta to Refresh Your Day

You may find avocadoes in sushi, sandwiches, and salads, but do you know that avocado is from vegetable or fruit families? If you guess that avocado is a type of fruit, then you are correct. When you usually using avocadoes alongside with vegetables for your meals, you might be surprised to see how Indonesian consume them. It is often found as an option for drinks in Jakarta.

Indonesian view and treat avocadoes the same as other fruits. So, it can often be found in drinks and dessert instead of your usual meals. Avocadoes can be found as one of the options for fruit juice menu. It’s usually blended, added with ice and chocolate flavor condensed milk, with a bit of sugar. Both are a perfect choice for drinks in Jakarta.

Avocado is also a perfect option for topping in iced desserts. One of the examples, es cendol that is made from rice flour. Es cendol has many variants of topping aside from avocado, mostly jackfruit and durian. Other kind of dessert is es teler, that includes a few variations of Indonesian fruits. It’s usually served cold and tastes sweet from the syrup or sugar.

There is also a type of drinks of Jakarta called “alpukat kocok”. Alpukat is Indonesian name for avocado. It uses avocado as a main ingredient. Basically, using just blended avocadoes, added with coconut water, sugar, milk, and ice.

With abundant produce of tropical fruits, Indonesian created many creations of drinks and dishes made from them and avocado became one of the popular drinks in Jakarta. Curious about the taste of avocado if consumed as drinks?

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Es Teler, a Hint of Freshness to Awaken Your Appetite

Es Teler, in literal translation is drunken ice, but with zero amount of alcohol in it. The word “teler” or drunken, came from a customer who commented that the ice drink made them drunk as it is too delicious. But in fact, Es Teler is a name for a variaton of fruit cocktail mixed with shaved ice. It originated from es campur or mixed ice, added with a few of new ingredients, thus, became Es Teler.

As a tropical country, there are so many variations of tropical fruit drinks in Indonesia. A few cuts of avocado, young coconut, grass jelly, and jackfruit can be found inside one portion of Es Teler serving. With added sugar, coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and pandan leaf, it has a fragrant aroma and a sweet flavor. Its colorful appearance will awaken your appetite.

Es Teler is perfect to drink for Jakarta’s hot weather in dry season. Es Teler menu can be found in restaurants, as well as by the side of the street, sold by street peddlers in their carts. And because majority of Indonesian population are Muslim, especially around Ramadhan or the fasting month, many people are selling Es Teler as takjil or appetizer before iftar comes. It is to freshen the throat before eating a full meal.

The original creator of Es Teler, Tukiman Darmowijono was selling es campur in a small cart in some street in Jakarta in the 1970’s. After starting to sell Es Teler, his business had been grown rapidly ever since. In this present day, his stall is still standing in the heart of Jakarta, known as Es Teler Sari Mulia Asli.

With a price as affordable as IDR 23.000 or around $1.5 USD, you can have a glass of fresh and sweet Es Teler on your table. Not only Es Teler, but you can also choose to have other menu of ice fruit drinks such as avocado ice only, coconut ice only, or just a simple orange juice.

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A Sip of Refreshing Drinks in Jakarta Amidst the Heat

Refreshing Drinks in Jakarta are all you need to ward off the hot weather in Jakarta. Indonesia is a tropical country, which only has two seasons throughout the year, dry season and wet season. Especially in Jakarta, the weather is particularly hot during the dry season. To sooth their throat amidst the hot days, Indonesian came up with varied creations of iced drinks, therefore, iced beverages are easily found almost everywhere in Indonesia.

The most popular iced drinks are iced tea and iced coffee, as Indonesia is one of the largest producers of tea leaves and coffee beans. Most restaurants, food courts, or warteg includes iced tea and coffee on their menus. Aside from those two options, as a tropical country, there are also many kinds of iced drinks made from tropical fruits, es teler, es cendol durian, soda susu, and es kelapa are a few examples of Drinks in Jakarta.

Es teler is some kind of Indonesian fruit cocktail, it is usually consisting of avocado, coconut milk, grass jelly, jackfruit, and other fruits, added with ice. While for es kelapa, only consists of coconut meat, coconut water and ice, sometimes with sugar. Another variant of fruit drink is es cendol durian, durian fruit combined with a kind of snack made with rice flour, shaped with a sieve, mixed with sugar and coconut milk. There is also soda susu or soda gembira. Some kind of drink made from milk, red soda, and ice. Most of them have a sweet and refreshing flavor.

Not only iced drinks, hot and warm drinks are also popular as an option for Drinks in Jakarta. Hot tea and coffee are no question. In addition, there is a drink named wedang ronde. It is a product of assimilated culture from China. Wedang ronde came from Chinese traditional dessert, called tangyuan. Made from ball shaped glutinous rice, served in ginger broth. Wedang is the name for hot drinks in Java, while ronde refers to the round shape of glutinous rice balls, hence the name, wedang ronde. It is perfect to drink on rainy days or cold nights in wet seasons when it is always raining.

By only imagining Drinks in Jakarta, you can already feel the sweet and refreshing taste in your mind. Join a mouth-watering experience on our Jakarta Food Tour. Walk a little, and stop for a while for a refreshing Drinks in Jakarta to recharge your energy. Once you are ready, let’s continue our journey!