Enjoy a Tasty Experience of Soup in Jakarta

Need something refreshing in this hot weather? Then let us introduce Soup in Jakarta. The rich flavor of the broth will bring your tasting experience on another level. While there are a dozen of soup-based type food spreading in Indonesia, we will introduce you some of Soup in Jakarta that are popular and warmly welcomed by Jakartans, which are soto lamongan, soto mie, and soto betawi.

The first kind of Soup in Jakarta is soto lamongan. “Soto” is a type of soup using a hot broth that prepared in advance poured to ingredients that is ready to be served. While “Lamongan” is where the dish came from, it is the name of a city from Central Java. It contains finely chopped chicken meat, vermicelli, cabbage, onions, and cooked with other Indonesian spices. The warm broth will refresh and supply your body with enough hydration, and the clean taste will make it easy to swallow. It is a perfect dish to eat when you have a cold.

The next Soup in Jakarta is soto mie. Soto mie originated from Bogor, West Java. So, it is often to find vendors who put up “Soto Mie Bogor” as their sign. The dish is made from noodles, beef, or other parts of cows such as its feet, tripe, and innards, depend on the request of the customers since not everyone can eat intestines, added with fresh tomatoes, vegetables, cabbage, potatoes, risoles, and poured with beef broth. This is can also easily found in various parts of Jakarta and West Java.

The last one is soto betawi, the authentic Soup in Jakarta. It is an authentic dish brought by native of Jakarta, Betawi people. The dish is known for its distinctive broth that uses a mix of fresh milk and coconut milk. Similar to soto mie, cow meat is also used as the soup filling, making it a rich and flavorful dish. You can also read about soto betawi in details here: https://t.ly/6kPT0

Now, are you ready to taste a delicious Soup in Jakarta? Then let’s join our food tour and you can have a tasty experience of warm food in Jakarta. See you around!