Refreshing Warm Food in Jakarta to Keep You Hydrated

Indonesia is known for the hot weather during dry season; hence, it offers a lot of delicious choice of soups in different areas, especially soup in Jakarta. Climate change recently has caused the heat to increase significantly. For people who have a lot of activities outside, it will be difficult and challenging. To soothe the bodies, we need something refreshing to consume, food and drinks for example.

There are a few of popular soup in Jakarta, which are soto lamongan, contain chicken meat with broth and vegetables, soto mie, contains of noodles, beef, and vegetables, and soto betawi. To know more about soto betawi, please go here . You can find any of these dishes easily around Jakarta. It is a refreshing warm food in the middle of hot weather. A glass of iced tea or iced orange would be a perfect combination for soup in Jakarta.

There is a different naming of food with broth in Jakarta, which is “sop” or soup and “soto”. Usually, it depends on where the food originated, the cooking process, and ingredients, but both are served with broth that has a rich flavor.

Aside from the variety that is mentioned above, there are also soup based food other areas aside soup in Jakarta. Sop ikan pindang patin or tilapia soup can also be found in Jakarta. This dish originated from the island of Sumatera, Palembang. The other soup is sop konro. It is a soup-based dish that uses beef ribs as its main ingredients. This dish originated from Sulawesi, Makassar.

Another type of soup in Jakarta uses vegetables as its main ingredients. It is sayur asem, a dish using various kinds of vegetables, with a sour and savory soup using tamarind, sayur bayam, spinach soup, and sayur lodeh, mainly using long beans and shredded chayote and with coconut milk broth.

Curious about the different taste of soto and soup in Jakarta? Then come to Jakarta and join our Food Tour to have rich tasting experience of Indonesian delicacy. See you around!