Enjoy Your Breakfast in Jakarta with A Portion of Flavorful Nasi Uduk

As rice is a staple food in Indonesia, nasi uduk is one of the perfect choices for your breakfast in Jakarta. Set aside the boring plain white rice, try nasi uduk Jakarta instead. It is a fulfilling breakfast with a few side dishes such as glass noodles, eggs, tempeh, and peanuts.

Nasi uduk is commonly to be found alongside nasi kuning, gorengan, lontong sayur, and other dishes that are sold in the morning by vendors. There are different versions of nasi uduk, but the difference is mostly on the side dishes. Nasi uduk Jakarta that is served on one plate with a mix of side dishes, is a popular breakfast in Jakarta.

The main difference between nasi uduk and plain rice is the cooking method and ingredients used. Nasi uduk tastes savorier as it is steamed with coconut milk instead of water, along with clove, cassia bark, lemongrass, and sometimes with a knotten pandan. Therefore, nasi uduk is more flavorful than plain white rice, and it suits the taste of the side dishes. With an affordable price and rich taste, nasi uduk easily became a popular choice for breakfast in Jakarta.

Another type of nasi uduk is usually sold separately with side dishes such as fried chicken, duck, or catfish. This type of nasi uduk is usually sold from afternoon until midnight, and often found in kaki-lima style, a type of temporary stall that is set on a side of the streets.

There is also a type of nasi uduk that is wrapped with banana leaf in small portions, and you can choose various side dishes that are prepared by the vendors. This type of place is called angkringan, which usually can be found at night trough dawn.

Since its popularity as a breakfast in Jakarta, a fast-food chain has also included a nasi uduk to their menu as a breakfast menu, only with a minimalistic side dish and a more premium price than a simple nasi uduk Jakarta that is sold by street vendors.

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