The Secret of Sweet Taste from Indonesian Delicacies

Have you tasted sweet martabak, es teler, and soda susu while visiting or staying in Indonesia? When you take a bite of the dishes, you might taste a nice and sweet flavor. It came from sweetened condensed milk, or susu kental manis, often abbreviated as SKM.

Sweetened condensed milk is made from cow’s milk and added with sugar. The texture is thicker and stickier than ordinary cow’s milk. SKM is often used for cooking ingredients and to add flavor in some kind of drinks.

One of the examples of SKM using in food is in martabak. While egg martabak tastes savory and it is made from eggs, meat and green onions, sweet martabak is a kind of pancake with various fillings. It is also called terang bulan in some Java areas. Usually, customers can choose what they like for the sweet martabak filling. There are wide options such as chocolate sprinkles, shredded cheese, nuts, banana and SKM.

Aside from food, SKM is also often used in drinks. A few examples of them are es teler and soda susu. Es teler is a kind of fruit cocktail served with ice. A few kinds of fruit are used as ingredients and the sweet taste came from sugar and SKM. For a more detailed explanation about es teler, please go here:

The other type of drink that also using SKM is soda susu. It is made from clear or colored carbonated drinks, added with SKM, served with ice. It is a perfect choice to drink in hot weather. Go here if you want to know more details about soda susu:

There are also many kinds of drinks and snacks using SKM in Indonesia, but sweet martabak, es teler, and soda susu are a few of the popular ones in Jakarta. If you join our Jakarta Food Tour, you might be able to taste them if you are curious. So, let’s join us if you have a plan to visit Jakarta. See you around!