Enjoy A Fulfilling Breakfast in Jakarta to Start Your Day – Part II

In the previous article, we introduced you to a few options for breakfast in Jakarta. We have mentioned about nasi uduk, nasi kuning, lontong sayur, and mie ayam. However, that is not all. There are still so many options for breakfast in Jakarta, but we will introduce you to a few more.

Now we will introduce another breakfast menu that is made from rice, which is chicken porridge. Maybe in other countries, porridge is usually served to a person who is not in good health. However, in Jakarta, eating chicken porridge is a common practice.

Chicken porridge is usually served shredded chicken, cakwe, peanuts, and poured with soy sauce. It is a perfect choice for breakfast in Jakarta as it will not make you too full but can give you a little burst of energy to start your daily activities.

Next option of breakfast in Jakarta is called ketoprak. If you ever taste gado-gado, it might look similar, but they have a little difference. While gado-gado sauce and vegetables are boiled before processed to be served, in ketoprak, it is served raw.

The main ingredients are tofu, glass noodles, lontong, cucumber, bean sprout, boiled, and boiled egg. Poured with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce. It also has a sweet and savory flavor, similar to gado-gado.

Moving on, we have nasi bakar or grilled rice. It is a rice dish with a filling of side dish, wrapped in banana leaves. And then, nasi rames or mixed rice, a portion of rice with a variety of dish that you can choose based on your preferences. And, the last but not least, nasi Padang, a very popular rice dish with rendang options as most Indonesians would love.

Now that we have introduced you to the a few options of breakfast in Jakarta, is there any option that you are curious to try? Then come visit us in Jakarta, take a walk with us to join our Jakarta Food Tour, try a few options of breakfast in Jakarta firsthand with us, and tell us which one is your favorite. See you around!