Take a Look of Gedung Jusuf Anwar Building While on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Jusuf Anwar Building as a Part of A.A. Maramis Building to See with Jakarta Walking Tour

While we introduce you to A.A. Maramis Building, it is time to introduce you another historical building that is standing beside it, now is known as Jusuf Anwar Building. It is a main part of the formerly known as Daendels Palace, the big building that is inside Lapangan Banteng area.

A Brief History of Building as You Stroll While on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The Jusuf Anwar Building was built around the same time as the Daendels Palace as it is also a main part of the area. Built around the early 19th Century, it was used and functioned as a high court. In Dutch colonial era, people mentioned that it is a building where secret meetings was held and had been used to torture prisoners by the Dutch East Indies.

A Look of Modern Jusuf Anwar Building to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

From the year 2021, the building that once housed a high court, converted into an office under the Ministry of Finance. It was renovated while preserving the style from the Dutch colonial era and named based on the former Indonesian Finance Minister from 2004 to 2005.

Short Stop to View Other Historical Buildings with Jakarta Walking Tour

The Jusuf Anwar building is just a small part of the cultural heritage around Central Jakarta. If you want to know and see more about other Jakarta’s historical buildings and their stories, visit Jakarta, and take a stroll with our Jakarta walking Tour. We will wait for your arrival. See you around!

A Look of A.A. Maramis Historical Building from Afar on Jakarta Walking Tour

Jusuf Anwar Building as a Part of A.A. Maramis Building to See with Jakarta Walking Tour

One of the places you must see while you are exploring the Central Jakarta area is the Lapangan Banteng complex. As we mentioned previously, there are many activities that you can do inside the area. Besides those activities, you might also want to look for the historical building that is full of memories from Batavia in the past. It is the A.A. Maramis Building, formerly named Paleis van Daendels.

A Brief History of A.A. Maramis Building That You Can See While Joining Tour in Jakarta

The Building inside the Lapangan Banteng complex is already around from the Dutch colonial era in early 19th Century. It was intended to be the residence of Dutch East Indies Governor General, Herman Willem Daendels. However, the construction was stopped midway, and he didn’t get the chance to reside there as he was stationed to Poland by Napoleon’s order. The construction was finally completed around 19 years later.  Despite the name as a “Daendels Palace” it never functioned as a palace but had housed numerous bureaus and departments such as post office, the state printing office, and general clerk’s department, and high court.

The Iconic Historical Building Style to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The building was designed based on the style that was popular in France by that time, Empire Style. However, since it is conformed into the tropical climate of Indonesia, it became known as Indies Empire Style. This style flourished in the colonial Dutch East Indies from around 18th Century and the end 19th Century. Therefore, there are many historical buildings in Jakarta has the similar style.

A Trace of the Past in the Present While Strolling on Walking Tour of Jakarta

the headquarters of Indonesian Ministry of Finance until the present day. In 2019, the building was started to be renovated and will become a museum and finance library, and as a cultural heritage as well. Want to see closer to know directly how it looks in the present day? Come join our Jakarta Walking Tour and we will take you to explore more of what you can see in Jakarta. See you around!

View The Supreme Court Building Closer with Jakarta Walking Tour

Walking Tour in Jakarta to See Historical Building Around National Monument

As from many other iconic historical buildings with colonial architecture that is spread around Central Jakarta, the Supreme Court Building or “Mahkamah Agung” is one of them. It is right beside the Istana Merdeka presidential palace.

Passing By the Historical Supreme Court Building During Tour in Jakarta

Like other historical building around it, the Supreme Court building also preserve the roman style of building with many pillars on the front gate. The front gate faces the National Monument complex, so, you can make a short walk there while you are visiting the landmark.

Learn The History of the Supreme Court Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

A brief history of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is originally located in Lapangan Banteng area, next to the Paleis Van Daendels, built in the Dutch colonial era. As time goes by, the Supreme Court was moved to Medan Merdeka Street in the 1980’s. If you want to learn more details about this Supreme Court Building or the other historical buildings, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to walk around and explore more with us.

What You Can See More on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Some of the historical buildings that are spread around Jakarta have each of their historical value, so sometimes there will be a museum inside, and it is also said that there is indeed a museum inside the Supreme Court buildings.

If you want to know and explore more about other historical buildings, places, and museums, join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to a closer look of Jakarta. See you around!

Walking Tour in Jakarta Around the Historical Presidential Palace Building

Passing By the “Istana Merdeka” While Joining Tour in Jakarta

If you circle around the outer part of Indonesian National Monument complex, you will find a trace of history by viewing many old buildings that has been around from hundreds of years ago. One of the most iconic and important of those is the Presidential Palace building or best known as “Istana Merdeka”. Like any other iconic colonial buildings in Jakarta, it has a roman style gate with many pillars.

Admire Colonial Architectures from afar While Walking Tour in Jakarta

The presidential palace was built around the Dutch colonial era for administrative activities of the Dutch government. In the present day after Indonesian independency, the building is now functioning as a residence for the president and for conducting national events. The location of Istana Merdeka is at the north of the National Monument Complex. There might be a chance to view it from afar while you join our Jakarta Walking Tour with us.

Taking a Stroll Around Central Jakarta Area with Jakarta Walking Tour

Since it is a restricted area, of course civilians with no importance can not enter the area. However, we can still stroll around the outside to look from afar. Besides that, there are many other historical buildings that we can see outside the complex.

Join Jakarta Walking Tour to View Historical Buildings Firsthand

Historical and iconic places are best to be viewed instead of to be read, so come to Jakarta to see them firsthand. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more about history, culture, and delicacies of Jakarta. See you around!

Explore Historical Buildings in Jakarta with Jakarta Walking Tour – Part 2

Learn History Through Iconic Buildings in Central Jakarta with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you are keen on to learn history or culture of places and countries, walking around while browsing for historical buildings might be a nice option of tour in Jakarta for you. In the previous part, we already talk about old buildings that are functioning as governmental buildings. So, in this part, we will introduce you other kinds that is used to run a business or other functions.

Walking Tour in Jakarta by Browsing Stores in the Iconic Shopping Complex

We have introduced you to the Pasar Baru shopping district, the iconic place with old buildings that was built in colonial era. If we walk deeper in the complex, we will find stores with unique foreign names that sells variety of things, mostly fabrics and textiles. Beside that, the most historical one is called “Toko Kompak”, that was originally the residence of the Major of Chinese community in the 80’s.

Zoom in to The Philately Building as A Part of the Tour in Jakarta

We have introduced you to the Pos Bloc, where it once was a post office. Later on, the name was Changed to “Gedung Filateli”, or philately building. The entrance and the name are preserved as is in the present, but the function has changed to be a creative space with a few stores inside.

Pass Through the News Agency Building While Walking Tour in Jakarta

The historical building was belonged to a Dutch’s private news agency. As time goes by, the building became the local news agency, Antara, thus the name of “Gedung Antara”. It was from the Antara radio station that the proclamation of Indonesian independency was broadcasted in the 1945.

Fulfil Your Spiritual Journey by Looking an Iconic Church as Your Tour in Jakarta

Still in Pasar Baru area, there is a another must see church beside the iconic Jakarta Cathedral, which is “Gereja Ayam” or translated as “chicken church”, since there is a weathercock on the rooftop of the church.

Finish Your Walking Tour in Jakarta with a Refreshing Ice Cream

After going around to see historical buildings, complete your walking tour by visiting an old ice cream store, also a historical place in Central Jakarta, “Ragusa Es Italia”. It was established in the 1930’s by Italian nationality that was come to Batavia.

To find and learn more about other historical places in Jakarta, come to the city and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will wait for your arrival, see you around!

Explore Historical Buildings in Jakarta with Jakarta Walking Tour – Part 1

Reminisce the Old Jakarta with Jakarta Walking Tour

Since in the past Indonesia was colonized for so many years in the past, the culture, lifestyle, and history had a wide spectrum. All the influences from different colonizers can be seen physically from the buildings that had erected since colonization era. Many of those had been renovated, changed ownership and functions. So, to learn more about what is happening to those buildings now, visit them if you happen to do a tour in Jakarta.

Governmental Buildings by Walking Tour in Jakarta

There are a few of buildings from the Dutch colonization that has been preserved and renovated, and many of them are functioning as governmental building through this day. These buildings can be found easily if you pass by Central Jakarta. We will break them down one by one to make you find it easier while exploring the area.

See Presidential Palace in Central Jakarta by Walking Tour in Jakarta

The Presidential Palace of Indonesia is called Istana Merdeka. It was the residence and office of the president of Republic of Indonesia. It was the residence of governor-general of the Dutch Indies in colonization era.

Court Buildings to See During Tour in Jakarta

There are two court buildings around Central Jakarta area, which are the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court. They are right at the north and west of National Monument, so you can take a quick look while passing by before or after visiting the landmark.

Take a Look of The New Paleis Van Daendels and The Old Supreme Court Buildings for Your Tour in Jakarta

Beside doing various activities in Lapangan Banteng, there are two historical buildings to see if you are in the complex. They were built in Dutch colonial era and now function as the office building of Ministry of Finance.

See The Similarities of the Buildings While You Explore with Walking Tour in Jakarta

If you are quite attentive, you might find similarities between the buildings that we mention above, which is the Roman style pillar in the entrance. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to find if there are more similarities on the tour. See you around!

Some New Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Pos Bloc

Just last year, a new place had established as a new place for Things You Can Do in Jakarta, which is in Central Jakarta, the Pos Bloc. It used to be a post office but renovated and functioned as a business and entertainment center since November 2023.

A few Things You Can Do in Jakarta inside the Pos Bloc includes dining, snacking, shopping, sitting around, working, or taking photos. Once you arrive at the place, you will see a mix of new and old style in the design. Although the place had renovated, some parts of the old post office are persevered to provide the esthetic.

You will find many options for dining since many food tenants open their business there. Besides, there is also a minimarket where you can buy snacks and drinks. After that, you can sit and enjoy your snacks in front of the building outside since they provide many seats.

Not there are a load of Things You Can Do in Jakarta at Pos Bloc, but the location is also strategically easy to reach by public transport. You can ride Transjakarta Busway and get off at Pasar Baru Station, or Juanda Station if you are riding a commuter line. However, unfortunately there are not many parking spaces for private cars or motorbikes. So, you might have to park your vehicle at Pasar Baru across the Pos Bloc.

The Pos Bloc is open every day at 10 AM to 10 PM except weekend, since they will open from 7 AM. So, you can visit the Pos Bloc anytime you are available for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. You can dine, shop, and sit with a view of the street and the Pasar Baru shopping district while snacking.

If you happen to visit Jakarta someday, join us at Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you around to find more Things You Can Do and see in Jakarta. Explore and dig deeper into the city and experience some interesting things and activities. Also, learn about the culture, delicacies, history and more. Just pick a date and the tour package and we will be happy to help you. See you around!

A Couple Things You Can Do in Jakarta, at Lapangan Banteng Area

If you like to do some activities instead of just shopping and dining, visiting a park could become your choice for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. So, if you want to explore parks in Central Jakarta, we suggest you visit Lapangan Banteng.

A brief history of the place, Lapangan Banteng used to be named “Waterlooplein” to commemorate the defeat of France in the Battle of Waterloo by the Dutch colony. There was a lion statue as a sign of victory, so the other name was “Lion Field”. Since the lion symbolize Dutch colonialism, the former president of Indonesia, Soekarno renamed the field as Lapangan Banteng or literally means “Buffalo’s Field”.

In the present time, Lapangan Banteng has been functioning as a recreational park. A place where you can do many activities for Things You Can Do in Jakarta. You can exercise, bike, run, picnic, or sightsee in the area. There is also an iconic monument where you can take pictures. It is a statue of a man with widespread arm, to representation of West Papua Liberation from the Dutch colony, Irian Jaya Liberation Monument.

The location is in the heart of the city, Central Jakarta, close with other iconic places such as the Jakarta Cathedral and Pos Bloc. So, you can make a short stop at other places before or after visiting the park. As there are many Things You Can Do in Jakarta around this area, you can choose which one suit your preference more.

The place is open from 6 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and closes at 9 PM on weekends. Another perk, there is a fountain attraction every Saturdays and Sunday nights from 6.30 to 7.30 PM. On certain occasions, plants and animals’ exhibitions held in the field. So, there are so many options for Things You Can Do in Jakarta in this place.

If you plan to visit Jakarta someday, join us on Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to learn in-depth about Jakarta’s history, culture, and see more interesting things in Central Jakarta. See you around!

Things You Can Do in Jakarta, Watching Art Shows in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta

Aside from culinary and shopping activities, you might seek another new and fresh experience when visiting Jakarta, so try visiting a theater as one of a few Things You Can Do in Jakarta. If you are exploring Pasar Baru area, make a stop to Jakarta Art Building or Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ).

Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a theater building that is located near Pasar Baru shopping district. It is one of historical buildings in Central Jakarta as it is built in Dutch colonial era. Despite as a theater building, the building itself has been used for many purposes as years went by. Aside for performances, it was used to hold congress, military headquarters, and meetings. A few of them are the meeting for planning to achieve Indonesian independence.

Nowadays, the building has returned to function as a theater where art performances, concerts, and shows are held. So, it can be a different alternative for Things You Can Do in Jakarta aside from food and shopping spots. However, you might have to look for a schedule of what is playing for the day in advance. You can see more details from the website here: https://dkj.or.id/

The capacity of the building is about 475 people. It is free to visit the inside of the building, but if there are performances or shows, you must buy or make reservations for the tickets. This theater is very accessible, and you can reach the place by Transjakarta Bus or commuter line. Besides, it is located near Pasar Baru and Pos Bloc, so, watching shows and performances can make it to your list of Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside eating and shopping.

Come visit Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour, and we will be glad to help you recommend Things You Can Do in Jakarta, explore more places and enjoy more interesting experiences in Jakarta. See you around!

Things You Can do In Jakarta, Activities to Do in Pasar Baru

Once you arrive in Central Jakarta and if you might wonder what possibly the Things You can Do in Jakarta, come visit Pasar Baru. It is a district that includes various buildings that function as shops or restaurants. Despite the name as Pasar Baru or literally means “New Market”, this shopping district was established in 1820 when the city still using the Batavia name.

The iconic part of this district is the building style that reflects a mix between European and oriental style. So, the area stands out between the buildings around the districts, making it easy to be found. The district is located strategically near the other tourist spots such as Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta Cathedral. It is also across the Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, or Jakarta Art Building. There are many things to do in this iconic shopping district, so adding Pasar Baru to your Things You Can Do in Jakarta might be worth trying.

Culturally, the area reflects a mixed of Chinese, Dutch colonial, and Indian culture. You can find a lot of textile and carpet shops in the districts, thus the area is also known as the “Little India” of Indonesia, where a lot of people from Indian descendants open their business there. With many restaurants, food stalls, and shops open there, eating and shopping are the options of Things You Can Do in Jakarta.

Across the shopping district, there is the newly renovated Pos Bloc, that used to be a Post Office building, and functioned as a shopping and food district from 2022. You can clearly see the building from Pasar Baru’s main gate. You can easily reach the place by crossing the bridge over the river in front of Pasar Baru.

If you carefully stroll around the inside of Pasar Baru, you might find other Things You Can Do in Jakarta beside eating and shopping, as you might find some old temple or other unique building structure. So, if you have a chance to visit Jakarta, join our Jakarta Walking Tour, and we will take you to explore Jakarta with a closer look. See you around!