Visit Maritime Museum to Learn History of Spices of the Old Batavia

A Must Visit Museum That Holds Maritime History of Old Jakarta

Along with the the Old Town Square area, there are many places nearby that you can explore by walking to learn the history of Jakarta, then and now. As there are Fatahillah Museum, Puppet Museum, and Museum of Fine Art and Ceramics, there is also another museum in the northern part of Jakarta that contains the maritime history of Jakarta, which is Maritime Museum or “Museum Bahari” that located near the Syahbandar Tower.

A Brief History of Maritime History That Witness Changes of Old Batavia As Years Pass By

This museum was built in the era of Dutch colonization in the year of 1718. This museum was once used as a storage by the Dutch East India Company to store spices that is about to be sold to sailors from India, China, and other countries in the European continent. As for now, it is functioned as a museum that hold the maritime history Indonesia. Inside, you can find various collections from traditional ships in various form, style, and sizes, to ships from the Dutch East India era. Other than that, also equipment that sailors use in the past such as navigation tool, anchor, binoculars, lighthouse, and cannon models. You can learn the history of spices throughout the years by reading boards and infographics inside the museum.

How To Reach the Historical Museum by Walking During Tour in Jakarta

The location of Museum Bahari is around 2 KM by walking from the Old Town area. Other alternatives are local transportation such as JakLingko, online motorcycle taxi, or bajaj. The museum opens almost everyday except Monday, from 8 AM to 4 PM. The ticket price is varied, from Monday to Friday it is IDR 10.000 for local tourists, and IDR 50.000 for foreign tourists.

Explore More of Maritime History of Jakarta with Jakarta Old Batavia Tour

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