Diamond City Bridge as the Witness of the Old Batavia in the Past

Learn About the History of Jakarta Through Iconic Bridge in Old Jakarta Area

The most suitable place to reminisce Jakarta in the old days is by visiting the Old Town area. There are museums, monuments, and historical buildings that have preserved their original forms since the era before independence. Alongside Fatahillah Square, History of Jakarta Museum, and monuments, there is also an iconic bridge that has been around since the era of Dutch colonization, which is known as Diamond City Bridge or Jembatan Kota Intan.

A Brief History of Diamond City Bridge While Reminiscing the Old Batavia as You Pass by on Walking Tour in Jakarta

It is believed that this bridge was built by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in the year of 1628. The name has been changing a few times until it’s finally called the Diamond City Bridge. In the past, there was a palace in the area. Later on, the Dutch came and built a fort with four towers near the palace, and the bridge is located near one of the towers named Diamond bastion of Batavia Castle. Therefore, the bridge is mostly known as “Jembatan Kota Intan” after Indonesian independence. In the past, the bridge can be lifted for ships to pass by the river. An unfortunate story about the bridge is there was a massacre by Dutch colonizers that caused the river washed with the blood of the victims for weeks. On September 7th, 1977 it was inaugurated as a cultural heritage by the Governor of Jakarta of that time, Ali Sadikin.

How to Reach the Diamond City Bridge Form the Jakarta Old Town

The bridge is relatively easy to reach as it is near the Old Town Square. You can reach the place by approximately 1.5 km by walking from the Kota Tua train station. You can arrive at the location around 5 minutes. The view is different if you visit it in the day or night. There are lighting installation to see at night. Despite the unfortunate history, it is not a scary place to visit in the present time.

Learn More In-Depth History of Jakarta by Joining Jakarta Old Batavia Tour

There is still more to explore about the bridge or other buildings nearby that also have precious historical value. Find out more about it by coming to Jakarta and joining our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you stroll around the city to reminisce about the life of Jakarta in the past. See you around!