Reminisce the View of Old Batavia by the Modern Fatahillah Square in Jakarta Old Town

Learning Jakarta History in Fatahillah Square as You Take a Stroll as a Part of Jakarta Walking Tour

One of the most iconic landmarks in Jakarta to visit is the Jakarta Old Town Area, where the Jakarta History Museum or Museum Fatahillah established. The museums are the ones that you will often see in souvenirs, postcards, or stamps that represent the city. In front of the the museum, stretched out a town square. It is as popular and as iconic as the museum, since it is an inseparable part of the city hall from the Old Batavia era.

A Brief History of the Importance Past and Modern Fatahillah Square as An Iconic Part of Jakarta Old Town

The first city hall of Batavia was built in 1620, and like many other European style structures, the city hall included a square, called Stadhuisplain, which is the Fatahillah Square in modern era. According to a painting, there was a water fountain at the center of the square that functioned as a water source for the citizens. It is believed that the water from the fountain was from Pancoran Glodok. The fountain went missing in the 19th Century but was later found in 1972 by excavating the area. Pipes that connect the water fountain to the source were also found. With that source of evidence, the water fountain was rebuilt according to the painting and in 1973, the square was renamed as Fatahillah Square or Taman Fatahillah.

Things You Can See and Do in Fatahillah Square as A Part of Jakarta Old Town Area

In the modern era, Fatahillah Square has become a popular tourist attraction, not only among foreign tourists, but also locals. There are many activities to do at the square. Taking photos, playing with toys, riding bycicles, or snacking for example. Or you can choose to eat at one of the restaurants around it and see the square as you look through the windows. As so many people come especially on holidays or weekends, there are also many street vendors. The square is mostly open to visit every day except when there is a particular event, but museums around it will be closed every Monday.

Explore More Interesting Things by Yourself by Visiting the Jakarta Old Town Area as a Part of Walking Tour in Jakarta

To find more of what to see and do at Fatahillah Square while learning about Jakarta History, come visit the place by yourself. Join us on our Jakarta Old Batavia Tour during your stay in the city. We will take you to explore the history, culture, and more of the city. See you around!