Gedung Chandra, A Trace of The Past from Properous Era of Glodok Jakarta

A Brief Introduction of Gedung Chandra, the Pioneer of Modern Shopping Mall in Glodok Chinatown Jakarta

A large majority of Chinese community in Jakarta are living and doing their activities and run their businesses in Glodok area, thus the place became the Chinatown of the city. Aside from residencies, markets, stores, and restaurants, there also exists a shopping mall in the center of the area, which is the Chandra Building, or Gedung Chandra as locals call it.

Things You Can See Inside the Gedung Chandra as A Part of Your Walking Tour on Glodok Chinatown Area

In the past, this shopping mall became one of the pioneers of modern malls in Jakarta, so there are traces of various tenants on each floor. However, after going through different eras, histories, and changes, many of the lots occupied by local Chinese business owners that sells various products from clothes, decorations, appliances, snacks, and more. Many of them are non-branded products.

See Other Things on The Other Side of Gedung Chandra to Get a Taste of Glodok Chinatown’s Delicacies in Petak Enam Area

Adjacent to the old Chandra Building, a new area has been established in this modern time, called Petak Enam. This place is a semi-open area that is occupied by food vendors, stalls, and restaurants that sell various kinds of food from different areas in Indonesia. Not only Chinese food, but other traditional Indonesian food and or Western style cuisine can also be found in this area.

Find More to See and Explore Around the Gedung Chandra During Jakarta Chinatown Tour as Your Itinerary in Jakarta

If you want to see and explore more things of the Glodok Chinatown area, come visit Jakarta and join our Jakarta Chinatown Tour. We can learn about the communities, their history, cultures, and delicacies together. See you around!