Explore Jakarta Old Town and Find the Traditional Way to Exchange News Through the Kota Post Office

Take a Glance of Look Through the Historical Post Office Within the Vicinity of Jakarta Old Town Area

The Jakarta Old Town area is widely known as a tourist attraction in Jakarta, either by local or foreign tourists. Inside the vicinity, there are many historical buildings with various functions. These buildings mainly were built in the colonial era. Even though in this modern time they serve different purposes, the architectural designs are preserved to reminisce the style of that era. One of these historical buildings is the Kota Post Office or locals call it “Kantor Pos Kota”.

The Brief History of Kantor Pos Kota That Adorns the Scenery of Jakarta Old Town as A Part of The Route on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The building was originally designed by Ir. R. Baumgartner in 1929. It was designed with a New Pragmatism style that was popular in the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies by the end of 1920s. The architectural style is adjusted to Indonesian climate by the double façade elements. This architectural style can also bee seen on other buildings near the Post Office.

Visiting the Post Office in to Find Out the Difference of Purpose Between the Old Batavia and Modern Jakarta

Since the post-colonial era, even until this modern era, the building still serves its purpose as a Post Office. Citizens can still send mail, packages, postcards, and even pay bills in this Post Office. Other than operating as a Post Office, the building currently also houses a contemporary gallery. You can find the building easily as it faces the Fatahillah Square across the Jakarta History Museum.

Find And Explore More Interesting Story About the Post Office and Old Batavia with Jakarta Walking Tour

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