Petak Sembilan Glodok Jakarta, A Center of Community to Visit in Jakarta Chinatown Tour

Find a Mix of Different Cultures and Explore More About Various Communities That Coexist in Petak Sembilan in Glodok Chinatown Jakarta Area

Jakarta is inhabited by many people from various communities and ethnicities that coexist with each other. One of the communities that exist in the heart of Jakarta is the Chinese communities. The community has been presence since the pre-colonial era and a big populations of the descendants are still existing across many eras. One of the biggest presences in Jakarta area is in Glodok area, or now called as Petak Sembilan, or the precise location is at Jl. Kemenangan, West Jakarta.

Things You Can Find in Petak Sembilan Jakarta Chinatown Area as A Part That You Can Visit with Jakarta Walking Tour

Although the origin of the Petak Sembilan name is unclear, but some people say that there are Nine Plot building or house that it exists in the area, thus the local name become “Petak Sembilan”. In this modern time, as it became a trade center for the Chinese community, not only there are many vendors, stalls, and stores that sells fresh daily product such as fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits, but there are also many merchants that sell Chinese food, herbal medicines, properties of worship, and decorations or accessories for Chinese festivals, and etc.

Things You Can Do in Petak Sembilan as A Visitor in Glodok Chinatown Jakarta

According to the descriptions above, a few things that you can do in Petak Sembilan are enjoying the mix of cultures by the food through fusions, shopping for some unique things that you rarely see anywhere across Indonesia, visiting temples with precious historical value, or just walking leisurely to take a look around of the buildings, people, and the market.

Explore More Things to Do in Petak Sembilan with Jakarta Walking Tour in Jakarta Chinatown Tour

If you are not sure of what you’re looking for in Glodok Chinatown Tour, joining us on our Jakarta Chinatown Tour could be a great option for you. Come to Jakarta, stroll with us and we will explore more of what you can see, find, and do in Petak Sembilan, or the places nearby. We can learn about the city’s history, culture, and delicacies together. See you around!