Dasaad Musin Concern Building in Jakarta Old Town Area, Reflecting an Example of Indonesian Native Success

A Historical Building of Indonesian Richest Businessman That Reflect the Prosperous Era of Old Batavia in The Past

There are many colonial historical buildings that are being preserved as cultural heritage in the vicinity of Jakarta Old Town area. Their presence provides beautiful scenery to be viewed and enjoyed among the tourists who visit the area. Among them, there is a big building that was owned by the most successful native Indonesian businessman in the early post-colonial era, and that building is called Dasaad Musin Concern Building.

A Brief History of the Iconic Dasaad Musin Concern Building That Once Strived Through Different Eras of Old Batavia and the Modern Jakarta

The Dasaad Musin Concern was said to be owned by Agoes Moesin Dasaad (August 25, 1905 – November 11, 1970), a businessman of Philippines and Indonesian descendants. He was born into a family of merchants. He has been active in the import industry since around 1930s. He has been close with Indonesian former president, Soekarno, and played a significant role by being a benefactor of Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta in preparing Indonesian independence. He was also a part of BPUPKI (The Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work of Independence). After the fall of Old Order, the success of his business starts to decline.

The Use of Dasaad Musin Concern Building in The Modern Jakarta Old Town That Adds the Beautiful View While Strolling on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The once majestic and luxurious building eventually has become an abandoned building that has no purpose and only serves as a decorative building to adorn the scenery of Jakarta Old Town. The Indonesian government in fact has been planning to buy the building and restore it as a cultural heritage of Jakarta. However, there is still no news about it since there is still no agreement about the price yet. But it is said that the building is open for the public to visit and look around, and sometimes can be used as a photoshoot set.

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