RODE WINKEL Café, Once Known as “Toko Merah”

If you walk around Old Batavia or Old Town Jakarta, you will encounter a red two stories building that is quite catchy because of the wall color that is quite standout. With a vibrant red from the brick color, this building once called “Toko Merah”, or literally means a red store in English.

Before transformed into a café, this building is always closed, and people can only see the outer side of the building that is faces the street. This building that is built from 1730, is once a residence of former governor general during Dutch colonization, General Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff.

The owner and residence of the building has changed a few times throughout Batavia Jakarta’s history. In the 18th Century, it became a government office, function halls, and even a trading bureau. And in the 19th Century, it was inaugurated to be a cultural heritage.

However, this year, Toko Merah has been through some changes. The once closed building is open to the public now. Some parts of the building have been renovated to a mini café, called RODE WINKEL café. The café serves signature drinks, coffee, tea, snacks, desserts, also some regular meals with rice that is suitable for Indonesian flavors. Some of the drinks came with a piece of traditional snack or cake that is influenced by Dutch.

It is a nice place to relax after walking around Old Town Jakarta on a sunny day. You can cool yourself by drinking while enjoying the café vibes. Though one part has been transformed into a café, the other parts are still undergoing renovations. Inside the building outside the café door, there is a staircase on the left. It has become a new tourist attraction and people can take photos there.

Curious about the inside of this historical building? Or what kind of delicacies you can try at the café? You can only find out if you visit Batavia Jakarta firsthand. So, come to Jakarta, and join our Jakarta Walking Tour to look into the town’s history closer with us. See you around!