Toa Se Bio, One of The Oldest Temple That Witness the History of Batavia That You Can Find on Jakarta Chinatown Tour

Toa Se Bio as A Temple That Represents the Diverse Culture of Jakarta in Glodok Chinatown Area

As an Indonesian citizen, it is mandatory to embrace a religion. And until this modern time, there are six religion that is officially recognized by the government, they are Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. The existence of these religions reflected by the respective worship places. For Islam, represented by mosques, Catholicism by cathedrals, Buddhism and Confucianism by temples, and Hinduism by shrines. One of the oldest and iconic temples in Glodok Chinatown area is named Toa Se Bio Temple or “Wihara Toa Se Bio”.

A Brief History of the Toa Se Bio Iconic Temples that Colors the Glodok Jakarta Area

According to the Ministry of Religion, the temple was rebuilt at the year of 1751, after the massacre of Chinese ethnicity by the VOC, and began to serve its purpose as a place of worship for Buddhists community in the year of 1754. In the year 2022, a historical inscription was built to commemorate the history and devotion of the predecessors for 271 years. It represents the pluralistic society that exists in Jakarta. Until today, the temple is widely known amongst the community that live in the Glodok Chinatown area.

How To Reach and When is The Proper Time to Visit the Toa Se Bio Temple in While Strolling Around Glodok Jakarta Area

Since the temple is an iconic place with a historical value, not only for the Buddhists community, but people who embrace other religions are often curious to know and see the place. The temple is open from 6 AM to 6 PM every day. Though the place is open to welcome people from other religions, but we need to be respectful if there are rituals or prayers being practiced and comply with the rules while visiting to look around. The easiest way to reach the temple is to ride a commuter line train, get off at the Stasiun Kota, and walk around 800 meters into the Glodok Chinatown area.

Visit The Toa Se Bio as A Part of Jakarta Chinatown Tour While You Visit the City with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you think you are not familiar enough to find the temple by yourself as it is your first time in the city, join our Jakarta Chinatown Tour instead. We will take you to iconic places that hold many valuable histories. We can also try some delicacies along the way that reflect Jakarta’s diverse cultures. See you around!