Syahbandar Tower, An Iconic Tower That Witness the History of Old Batavia

A Historical Tower to See While Strolling on Walking Tour in Jakarta

We previously mentioned the old and historical harbor in Jakarta, Sunda Kelapa. Not far from there, other historical buildings that witness the city’s changes exist, and the Menara Syahbandar or Syahbandar Tower is one of them. It is located around two kilometers from Sunda Kelapa Harbor. So, if you happen to visit the harbor, it’s a good chance to visit this iconic place too.

A Brief History of the Historical Tower to See Around for Walking Tour in Jakarta

Syahbandar Tower is in the Maritime Museum or Museum Bahari complex. It functioned as a watchtower to monitor the outbound and inbound ships and as custom office to extract tax for goods that were unloaded in Sunda Kelapa Harbor. According to the Culture Department of Jakarta website, Syahbandar Tower occupies the former Columberg Bastion, which was built around 1645 with the construction of a wall around the city of Batavia on the west side. And the short tower at the east side was built in 1839 specifically to keep the clock and chronometer accurate. The clock that is installed on the roof is to signal ships’ crews to adjust their ship’s clock.

Syahbandar Tower in A Glance of the Modern Times of Old Batavia

After independence, the tower had been through many changes. In April 2007, the revitalization of Jakarta Old Town has been going and the Maritime Museum complex had been through restoration to preserve the historical value of the buildings. The Syahbandar tower can now be visited as a historical site. It is open almost every day except Monday, from 8 AM to 5 PM. It is believed that there is a basement and a tunnel that is stretches until the Fatahillah Museum or even Istiqlal Mosque but is closed as since.

See More Things Around the Old Town Area with Jakarta Walking Tour

There are more iconic and historical places that you can visit in the Jakarta Old Town Area in this modern time. Join us on the Jakarta Old Batavia Tour package with Jakarta Walking Tour if you plan to visit the city. See you around!