Things You Can See in Jakarta Local Markets Tour in Jakarta – Part 2

Peeking The Inside of Local Markets on Walking Tour in Jakarta

We previously mentioned gemstones, accessories, and toys to find inside Jakarta local markets. Along with those, there are also fresh products like vegetables, fruits, snacks, flowers and even pets. For some of these products, exist a dedicated market for a certain product in some locations in Jakarta. For example, if you want to find a group of wedding souvenirs, you can look around in Asemka or Jatinegara. While for toys, in Pasar Gembrong. And for flowers, in Pasar Rawa Belong.

Variety of Fresh Product to Find on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, long beans, and many more are easy to find in the traditional market of Jakarta. So do fruits; in this tropical country, you can easily find a variety of fruits that is in season. While bananas are available almost anywhere and whenever around the country, and some fruits like mangoes, snake fruits, avocadoes, and rambutan are available in particular seasons.

Fresh flowers can also be found easily in various market as giving flowers for a special occasions like weddings, graduations, and birthdays are a common practice. So does bringing flowers to funerals. The dedicated market for flowers is in Rawa Belong market, the West Part of Jakarta, where you can find a variety of local flowers.

Unique Animals and Pets to See on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Other than vegetables and fruits, you can also find animals that are sold to breed or to become house pets. There are ornamental fishes like goldfish or flowerhorn chiclids, poultry, cats, dogs, rabbits, even reptiles and turtles. However, the sad part of this practice is some of the animals are sold illegally and unethically, cause some of them are even endangered animals. So, if you decide to shop, please carefully consider the risks and effects.

Explore Jakarta Local Markets Deeper with Jakarta Walking Tour

To experience shopping inside local markets firsthand, come visit Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. See and find authentic and unique things while we stroll around the busy market with lots of products and vendors. See you around!