Things You Can See in Jakarta Local Markets Tour – Part 1

Exploring Local Markets on Walking Tour in Jakarta

You can find landmarks, historical iconic buildings, and museums during your visit in Jakarta. However, if you want to explore more of the daily life of Jakarta, try visiting a different one, a local market for example. Of course there are also traditional markets everywhere around the world, but there are so many different things that you can find in respective areas.

Things You Can Find on Jakarta Local Markets

Not much different from many other traditional markets around the globe, you can find many things in the market such as fresh products, appliances, fashion items, and accessories, but you might find something that you can rarely find anywhere beside Jakarta. One of them is a gemstones market.

A Gemstones Market to Visit on Jakarta Local Markets Tour

As gemstones became a trend a while ago in Indonesia, people, mostly men, tending to decorate their hands with colorful gemstones rings. Therefore, a traditional market to meet the demand for gemstones was built. One of them is Jakarta Gems Center in East Jakarta area. There are many vendors that offer various kinds of gemstones, in various colors and sizes.

Other Local Markets to Visit During Jakarta Walking Tour

Aside from the gemstones market, there are many other markets that are also worth visiting throughout Jakarta. You can also find markets for wedding souvenirs, accessories like pins, hair bands, necklaces, and bracelets, and markets that sell children’s toys. This kind of local market usually offers an abundance of choice at a more affordable price than stores in malls.

Come to visit us and join us in Jakarta Walking Tour if you want to know more about traditional markets of Jakarta. We will take you to see what you can find in the depth of Jakarta’s traditional markets. See you around!