A Gems Center to Explore in Jakarta Local Markets Tour

jakarta gemstones market

An Iconic Gemstones Market to Find on Walking Tour in Jakarta

As a while ago gemstones became a trend that are vastly spread around Indonesia, Indonesians flocks to hunts gemstones in markets and shops around Indonesia, Jakarta no exception. There was even a dedicated market for gemstones vendors to sell their product in the market, it is the Jakarta Gems Center in the East Jakarta area, at Rawa Bening traditional Market.

A Variety of Gemstones to Choose from on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Gemstones became a huge trend back in the year of 2015, mostly among men. Some said that this phenomenon is caused by TV-shows, as a status symbol, or due to “fear of missing out” mentality. So, many people are eager to have at least one gemstone accessory that they can flaunt. As gemstones came in a wide variety of types and colors, there are many options to choose from the affordable to insanely expensive prices, as you can see in the picture here [insert picture here].

With a culture that mystical believe is a common thing in Indonesia, some people even believe that some gemstones have some “guard”, so they will benefit from something by wearing them. So, it is not a rare sight to see adult men or women wear colorful and varieties of sizes of gemstone accessories as rings or necklace.

 A Now Struggling Gemstones Market to Observe on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

As time goes by, the trend fades slowly. This is due to many factors such as pandemics and economical situations, less and less people come to buy gemstones. Many vendors have left the Jakarta Gems Center, and only a few vendors remain.

Explore Deeper the Gemstones Market with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you are an avid unique accessories collector, then visiting the gemstones market will be a good choice for you. Come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to experience the life of locals while shopping in the Jakarta local markets. See you around!