Passing Through Gedung Antara That Stands Strong Through Many Eras, on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Another Historical Building to Pass While Strolling on Walking Tour in Jakarta

We have mentioned government buildings, army base, museums, and philatelic building in previous articles. And now, we would like to introduce you to a news agency building with many histories, which is Gedung Antara. It is one of the iconic buildings that is located around Pasar Baru area, near the old Indonesian post office. Preserving the colonial style, and stand right at the side of the street, it is rather easy to spot while you are strolling in the area.

Viewing Gedung Antara That Had Been Through Many Eras During Tour in Jakarta

Since this building was built around the colonial era, it has been an eyewitness for Indonesia through many eras. From Dutch colonial era, Japan colonial era, to post-Indonesian independence. It was once the East Indies News Bureau, or “Algemeen Nieuws- en Telegraaf- Agentschap”, the first news bureau in Batavia, established in the year 1917. Post-Indonesian independence, it has become a state-owned news bureau called “LKBN Antara”. This news bureau is the one that aired the proclamation of Indonesia on August 17, 1945.

Learning History Through Pictures in Photo Gallery While Passing by on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Adjacent to the main building, there is a photo gallery at the right side, the Antara Gallery Photo of Journalism. The gallery is often showcased pictures taken by their photojournalists time to time. This place was built to commemorate the contributions of pioneers and predecessors of Antara. The gallery is open from 10 AM to 8 PM everyday except Mondays.

Rows of Historical Buildings to Visit While Strolling with Jakarta Walking Tour

The location of this iconic building is near the Pasar Baru shopping district. You just need to walk around five minutes to the left by the front gate of the shopping district, facing right at the river. So, you can enjoy shopping or snacking while learning about history and culture in the area. Come to Jakarta, join our Walking Tour, and we will take you to more interesting places in Central Jakarta. See you around!