“Gereja Ayam”, A Historical Church to Visit During Walking Tour in Jakarta

A Unique Historical Building Worth to See on Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

Since in Indonesia there are many people who embrace various religions, there are also different places of worship were built. A few of the popular ones in Jakarta that quite stands out are Grand Mosque Istiqlal and Jakarta Cathedral that is located right across each other. Aside from those two, not very far from there, there is also a historical church that is worth seeing, which is GPIB Peniel, or better known as “Gereja Ayam”.

Located in Strategic Location for Walking Tour in Jakarta Route

The origin of its unique name which means “Chicken Church”, is due to the chicken symbol that stands on the top of the building. Besides that, it is approved by the government as the street name being also Jalan Gereja Ayam or Chicken Church Street. This church is located strategically near the Pasar Baru area, near the Pasar Baru shopping district. It will only take around one kilometer to reach the place.

Learn About the History of The Old Church on Tour in Jakarta

This church has a long history since its construction began a long time ago during the colonial era, in 1913, and finished two years later. It was said that during that period, civilians who were Protestants are difficult to seek places of worship since the other church are limited to the Dutch officials. Therefore, this church was built to provide a place to practice the religions among civilians where people from all class can come.

Seek The Details of Church with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you want to see firsthand and learn more about this church with its hundreds of years of history, then come to Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more about the city’s history, cultures, and delicacies during your stay. See you around!