Ragusa Es Italia, An Authentic Shop in Between Walking Tour in Jakarta

A Refreshing Short Break for Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

After strolling around Central Jakarta to view historical buildings and places under the hot sun, you might need a short break to recharge your energy. Eating some ice cream might be a good idea, so, visiting “Ragusa Es Italia” is a perfect option.

An Old Iconic Store Between Historical Buildings to See on Tour in Jakarta

This iconic ice store, like any other old buildings around it, has its own history. This store was established since the year of 1932, before Indonesian independence. It is founded by Italian immigrant named Luigi Ragusa and Vicenzo Ragusa; thus, the name of the store is “Ragusa Es Italia”, which directly means “Ragusa Italian Ice Cream”.

Variety of Flavors to Taste on Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

Since it was established many years ago, the store has gone through a lot of changes and ups and downs. The store once had 20 branches across the city, but after going through ’98 riots and pandemic era, it left with the only one store at Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta area.

What is special about this store’s ice cream is the ingredient for making the ice cream is from fresh cow’s milk, so the final product came with a soft texture, besides, no preservatives are used. There are seven ice cream flavors, from chocolate, vanilla, mocha, strawberry, nougat, durian, and rum raisin.

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