Lines of “International” Textile Stores to See During Walking Tour in Jakarta

Textile Stores at Pasar Baru, A Unique Sight While Walking Tour in Jakarta

We have briefly mentioned the history and Pasar Baru shopping district in general. This time, we want to introduce more about what you can see inside the area. The shopping district is filled with various kinds of stores, but textile, tailors, and clothing stores are the majority there.

A Mix of Different Cultures to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

While the building structure of the stores are influenced by European and Chinese style as the district was built during the colonial era, a hint of Indian cultures also shown by how many of Indian descendants run textile, carpet, and fabric stores there. This influence can also be seen by a few of the stores’ name, “Bombay Textile”, “Krishna Textile”, “Ganesha Textile”, etc.

Foreign Names That Create a Different Vibe While Tour in Jakarta

Inside the shopping districts, what is unique about the stores, especially textile and tailors, many of them are using words from other countries’ language. A few of the examples are “Alta Moda”, “Pronto Moda”, “Sakura Textile” and more. Strolling while passing these stores creates a different vibe than visiting local stores with local names. Other than the stores with foreign names, there are also stores with local names and sells local products. Some widely known franchises also can be easily found, such as fast-food chains and minimarkets that you can find anywhere around the city.

Experience The Unique Atmosphere by Yourself with Jakarta Walking Tour

To see what is more that this shopping district can offer by yourself, then come and visit Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour package, and we will take you to find more of what you can see and do in the city. Learning about the history, cultures, and delicacies of what the city can offer. See you around!