Fatahillah Museum, A Scenery to View on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Discover Historical Buildings at Kota Tua on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The Jakarta Old Town or “Kota Tua”, according to how the locals say it, is a huge source to learn history of Jakarta as there are many historical buildings are there. Since Batavia was an administrative center of Dutch East Indies back in the colonial era, there a few of governmental buildings that is now operate as museums.

Learning the History of Batavia from Fatahillah Museum During Your Visit on Walking Tour in Jakarta

If you walk around the Jakarta Old Town, there is a building with many windows that stands facing the town square. It is the Fatahillah Museum, or in other name, Jakarta History Museum. This museum was formerly the city hall of Batavia, or Stadhuis, in the colonial era. This building has renovated and inaugurated by Governor General Abraham van Riebeeck as the administrative headquarter of the Dutch East India Company by the year of 1710.

There used to be a prison in the building’s basements. The ceilings are low and dark, causing prisoners to have too little space to just breathe. Poorly managed prison caused many prisoners died of illness such as cholera, typhus and lack of oxygen. After going through many eras and changes, in the 1970 after the Indonesian independence, it officially become one of the cultural heritages of Jakarta. And in the year 1974, it was inaugurated as the Jakarta History Museum.

Viewing Neoclassical Old Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

The Fatahillah Museum has a neoclassical style. It has a three story, painted with an earthy yellow color, and dark green door and window frame from teak wood. It also has a weathervane on the top of the building. The museum will open every day except Monday, from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Explore More of the Old Town with Jakarta Walking Tour

There is a lot more to see and do in the Jakarta Old Town beside the museum. To find out more, come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to explore more about Jakarta history, cultures, and delicacies. See you around!