A Closer Look of Toko Kompak History on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Take A Glance of a Long History Amidst the Modern Era on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Pasar Baru is known to be a historical iconic district that was established a long time ago in Central Jakarta. However, an even older building can be found inside the district. It is called “Toko Kompak”, which “toko” stands for “store”, meanhile “kompak” stands for “unite”.

A Brief History of an Old Store to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

This store has a history as long as back to the 1800’s, before the Pasar Baru shopping district was established. It was built during the Dutch colonial era, and was once a residence of Chinese community leaders at that time, Tio Tek Ho. It is one of the oldest original Chinese styles building aside from Candra Naya at Jalan Gajah Mada.

Discover a Variation of a Style in one Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

One of the few things that make this old building stand out is the building structure. It is one of the buildings which has an atrium inside, and sunlight can get in through the windows from the upper side of the building, in another name, a rooflight. Lion dance is often invited to perform in this area on special occasions.

This building can be seen to combine a Chinese and European style in its structure. It is shown by the high entrance door, where there are two qilins carving. The inside is decorated with marble floor, which is believed to be the European influence. As time goes by, this building has changed ownerships and functions. It used to be a major’s house, household equipment, and even clothing store. In the year 2022, a Governor’s Decree stated that this place has become a cultural heritage of Jakarta.

See The Remnants of History on Walking Tour in Jakarta

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