Replenish Your Energy to Walk for Tour in Jakarta in the Café Batavia

Discover A Historical Building That is Functioned as A Café on Walking Tour in Jakarta

From many of the historical aspects that you can find of historical buildings in the Jakarta Old Town complex, Café Batavia is one of them. It has a high historical value since it was built mostly in the colonial era. It was relatively easy to find according to the location and authentic interior.

A Brief History of The Iconic Café That You Can Find While Walking Tour in Jakarta

This building was the second oldest building inside the Jakarta Old Town complex after the Fatahillah Museum. It was constructed around the 1830s. It was previously used as a place where Dutch officials reside and stayed. Later in the year 1990, the building was purchased by Graham James, and since 1993, it has been functioning as a restaurant.

An Iconic Combination of Modern and Old to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

This café is strategically easy to access and find, as it quite stands out with the many wide windows and green canopy with “Café Batavia” inscribed on it. You can peek a little inside of the interior from the outside. This café preserves the interior style from the colonial era, adding a nice antique ambience.

Delicious Combination of Delicacies to Taste on Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

This café offers a wide range of menu options. From traditional local food and Indo-Dutch cuisines are available there. You can go for nasi goreng, lontong medan, gado-gado, or sate ayam if you crave a local taste. Meanwhile, if you want something that has a touch of Dutch influence, they also offer bitterballen, erwtensoup, or nasi campur meeneer instead. They also offer a variety of traditional drinks, coffee, and tea. However, it is known that the menu will be changed from time to time.

Since the renovations, the restaurants have been standing for 30 years and have considered to be inaugurated as an official cultural heritage of Jakarta. If you are curious to find out more about this café, come to Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour to stroll around and find them. See you around!