A Quick Look of Indonesian Army Headquarter from Outside on Walking Tour in Jakarta

A Closer Look of Indonesian Army Headquarter in While Walking Tour in Central Jakarta

Alongside with many historical buildings with colonial style that lining up in the Central Jakarta area, one compound that also quite stand out exist, which is the Indonesian Army Headquarter or more familiar with “Mabes TNI AD”.

A Strategic Location That Worth to Visit on Tour in Jakarta

The compound itself is a restricted area with tight security, so it is not open for public visit. You can only look around from the outside through the gate. So, you can just take a quick look while you stroll on the route while joining Walking Tour in Central Jakarta. The location is near the outer circle of National Monument, and almost right across the Grand Mosque Istiqlal and it is easy to reach by commuter line as it is located near the Gambir Station.

Take A Short Break in Between Your Tour in Jakarta

The bright side of passing the Indonesian Army Headquarter, not far from there, you can find small stalls or café if you start getting tired, thirsty, or hungry. There are options to eat a full meal, sipping some drinks, or just enjoying desserts. There is an old and iconic ice cream store that was established many years ago, called “Ragusa Es Italia” and still open until now.

Join Jakarta Walking Tour for More Exciting Experience

If you want to see more iconic building other than the Army Headquarter, come visit Jakarta and join our tour in Central Jakarta area. There are still many other historical buildings that are worth seeing and visiting at Central Jakarta. Join us for a journey to learn more about history, culture, delicacy, and many more of Jakarta area. See you around!