An Iconic Constitutional Court Building to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Historical Buildings as a Sight to See During a Tour in Jakarta

As one of the iconic buildings to see while strolling outside the circle of National Monument complex, the Constitutional Court Building offers a unique sight. The front building has the signature style of others Jakarta’s historical buildings, the Indies Imperial, with a dome shape roof.

The Strategic Location That is Near to the Iconic Landmark for Walking Tour in Jakarta

The location of this building is right across from the National Monument complex, precisely at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat. It has two main buildings. The first one is the building with the dome roof. The front side functions as the court room, meanwhile the tower in the back is used as the main office of constitutional judges and the staff. The second building at the left is functioning as the public relations bureau and the main office of AACC (Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions).

A Virtual Tour of the Constitutional Court, a Fresh Option for a Tour in Jakarta

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Jakarta to do a walking tour physically, there is another option for you to take, as the constitutional court offers a virtual tour of their buildings at this website: You can take a tour of the inside of their buildings, from the court room, offices, multipurpose buildings, and even the education center.

Join a Jakarta Walking Tour to See the Building Firsthand

If you still prefer to join tour physically, of course there are options to choose. You can choose to join our Jakarta Walking Tour, and we will take you to explore many things you can see or do in Jakarta, see, and learn history, culture, and delicacies of Jakarta. See you around!