Take a Look of Gedung Jusuf Anwar Building While on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Jusuf Anwar Building as a Part of A.A. Maramis Building to See with Jakarta Walking Tour

While we introduce you to A.A. Maramis Building, it is time to introduce you another historical building that is standing beside it, now is known as Jusuf Anwar Building. It is a main part of the formerly known as Daendels Palace, the big building that is inside Lapangan Banteng area.

A Brief History of Building as You Stroll While on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The Jusuf Anwar Building was built around the same time as the Daendels Palace as it is also a main part of the area. Built around the early 19th Century, it was used and functioned as a high court. In Dutch colonial era, people mentioned that it is a building where secret meetings was held and had been used to torture prisoners by the Dutch East Indies.

A Look of Modern Jusuf Anwar Building to See on Walking Tour in Jakarta

From the year 2021, the building that once housed a high court, converted into an office under the Ministry of Finance. It was renovated while preserving the style from the Dutch colonial era and named based on the former Indonesian Finance Minister from 2004 to 2005.

Short Stop to View Other Historical Buildings with Jakarta Walking Tour

The Jusuf Anwar building is just a small part of the cultural heritage around Central Jakarta. If you want to know and see more about other Jakarta’s historical buildings and their stories, visit Jakarta, and take a stroll with our Jakarta walking Tour. We will wait for your arrival. See you around!