Walking Tour in Jakarta Around the Historical Presidential Palace Building

Passing By the “Istana Merdeka” While Joining Tour in Jakarta

If you circle around the outer part of Indonesian National Monument complex, you will find a trace of history by viewing many old buildings that has been around from hundreds of years ago. One of the most iconic and important of those is the Presidential Palace building or best known as “Istana Merdeka”. Like any other iconic colonial buildings in Jakarta, it has a roman style gate with many pillars.

Admire Colonial Architectures from afar While Walking Tour in Jakarta

The presidential palace was built around the Dutch colonial era for administrative activities of the Dutch government. In the present day after Indonesian independency, the building is now functioning as a residence for the president and for conducting national events. The location of Istana Merdeka is at the north of the National Monument Complex. There might be a chance to view it from afar while you join our Jakarta Walking Tour with us.

Taking a Stroll Around Central Jakarta Area with Jakarta Walking Tour

Since it is a restricted area, of course civilians with no importance can not enter the area. However, we can still stroll around the outside to look from afar. Besides that, there are many other historical buildings that we can see outside the complex.

Join Jakarta Walking Tour to View Historical Buildings Firsthand

Historical and iconic places are best to be viewed instead of to be read, so come to Jakarta to see them firsthand. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to explore more about history, culture, and delicacies of Jakarta. See you around!