View The Supreme Court Building Closer with Jakarta Walking Tour

Walking Tour in Jakarta to See Historical Building Around National Monument

As from many other iconic historical buildings with colonial architecture that is spread around Central Jakarta, the Supreme Court Building or “Mahkamah Agung” is one of them. It is right beside the Istana Merdeka presidential palace.

Passing By the Historical Supreme Court Building During Tour in Jakarta

Like other historical building around it, the Supreme Court building also preserve the roman style of building with many pillars on the front gate. The front gate faces the National Monument complex, so, you can make a short walk there while you are visiting the landmark.

Learn The History of the Supreme Court Building with Jakarta Walking Tour

A brief history of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court is originally located in Lapangan Banteng area, next to the Paleis Van Daendels, built in the Dutch colonial era. As time goes by, the Supreme Court was moved to Medan Merdeka Street in the 1980’s. If you want to learn more details about this Supreme Court Building or the other historical buildings, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to walk around and explore more with us.

What You Can See More on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Some of the historical buildings that are spread around Jakarta have each of their historical value, so sometimes there will be a museum inside, and it is also said that there is indeed a museum inside the Supreme Court buildings.

If you want to know and explore more about other historical buildings, places, and museums, join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to a closer look of Jakarta. See you around!