Walk Down the Memory Lane of Old Batavia by Visiting Sunda Kelapa Harbor

A Historical Harbor to Visit During Your Walking Tour Around the Jakarta Old Town

There are many historical places to visit in the Jakarta Old Town area to reminisce about the old times of Jakarta, especially around the Old Town Square where you can see old buildings and museums. Not far from there, you can visit another historical place that is still operating until this modern time, which is a harbor, called the Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

A Brief History of Sunda Kelapa Harbor That Witness Every Changes of Batavia Through Times

The has been around since the 12th Century and it once belonged to the Pajajaran Kingdom and called the Kalapa Harbor, when the country was not established as a republic yet. As time goes by, the harbor was contested in the era of kingdoms and colonization within kingdoms in Nusantara or between European colonizers, until Dutch finally seized the country for around 300 years. In the 1970s, the ancient name of the harbor is used, hence the name “Sunda Kelapa”.

Things You Can See in the Historical Harbor of Batavia Along the Route of Walking Tour in Jakarta

In this modern time, the Sunda Kelapa harbor almost became a tourist area due to its high historical value. For economic aspects, this harbor is strategically located near trade centers such as Mangga Dua, Glodok, Pasar Pagi, and many others. Goods that had been transported through the harbor mostly are staples, spices, and building materials. So, once you arrived at the harbor, you can see many big ships, which is Pinisi ships that has been used to transport goods between islands in Indonesia. Containers can also be seen going in and out of the harbor. Flats where the worker stays can also be seen nearby.

Find More Things to Explore by Joining Jakarta Old Batavia Tour with Jakarta Walking Tour

There are still many places to explore and stories to unfold about the harbor and the city. To learn more details about the history of Batavia, there is Museum Bahari and Menara Syahbandar to visit nearby. Join us on the Jakarta Old Batavia Tour if you want to learn more once you come to Jakarta. See you around!