Tropical Fruits to Find While Strolling Around Local Markets in Jakarta

Where to Find Fresh Fruits on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

There are a lot of things that you can find in the local markets. For local markets in Jakarta for example, you can find groceries and other fresh products like meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and fruits. There are a few types of local markets that you can find in Jakarta. From supermarkets, minimarkets, modern markets, and traditional markets. You can mostly find fruits in all these types of market.

A Variety of Fruits You Can Find During Walking Tour in Jakarta

As Indonesia is a tropical country, there are abundant variety of tropical fruits that you can easily find in Jakarta. The most popular and always readily available is banana, as it is grown easily in country’s land. So, there are also many delicacies using bananas as ingredients. You can also easily find papayas, watermelons, oranges, apples, and lemons. Aside from those fruits, there are also some seasonal fruits that can be harvested only in certain times like a type of mangoes, durian, rambutan, and water apples. In different parts of Indonesia, you might find special fruits that only grows in each area.

Enjoy Fruits as A Snack While Strolling Around the Local Markets of Jakarta

With the rich variety of fruits, people of Indonesia had been creating various desserts or drinks from fruits. It is suitable to quench your thirst from the hot weather of Jakarta and refresh your body. Drinks that are quite popular are iced orange, that is made from squeezed oranges, iced coconut drink, guava juice, avocado juice, and many more. Another type of dessert from fruits are “es buah” and “rujak”. While “es buah” is made from assorted variety of chopped fruit in a sweet soup, “rujak” is made from assorted chopped fruit accompanied by sambal or minced chili peppers with salt.

Find More to See While Strolling Around with Jakarta Walking Tour

To see more of you can find while strolling inside a local market, come visit Jakarta and join us on Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to find interesting things and experience how to shop like locals in Local Markets Tour in Jakarta. See you around!