Various Animals to See in Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Local Animals to See During Your Visit on Walking Tour in Jakarta

While you can see local animals at the local zoo, you can also see them in one of the local markets of Jakarta. It is a place to search for pets, animal feed, or for medicinal purposes. As we can see and find bears, lions, tigers, otters, and many more in the zoo, you can find domestic animals that is often to be raised or breed. From ornamental fishes like goldfish, beetles, chickens, birds, and rabbits.

A Different Side of Local Markets in Jakarta

There is always a good and bad side to everything, so does this animal market. While some sellers are selling animals that are legal, some of them are not. There might be protected animals that are traded openly. Monkeys for example, while they belong in their habitat, some people buy them as pets to be used to earn money by training them to do tricks and perform. You can also find types of reptiles like giant turtles, lizards, and snakes. Sometimes they are used to make traditional medicine for severe illnesses. It might seem unethical, but it is considered a common practice among the locals.

“Colorful” Animals to See at the Local Markets in Jakarta

Some people who first see the “colorful” animals in Jakarta local market might be surprised as how come there are birds or chicks with many colors. While some of them have original colors, there are also some cunning sellers who paint their animals to gain more attention. They usually target children who are attracted by the colors. If you plan to do some trade in this type of market, please be careful and cautious as you can’t guarantee it is legal or ethical or not.

Explore More of the Local Market on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Aside from the animals, you can also find other things like fashion items, accessories, and snacks at an affordable price in Jatinegara local market. Come visit Jakarta to explore more and join our Jakarta Walking Tour to find interesting things in Local Markets Tour in Jakarta. See you around!