Hunting For Local Snacks on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Places to Explore to Find Snacks on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Any time and anywhere in the world, people would mostly search for food. While Jakarta has a wide variety of delicious food that it can offer, it also has an abundant choice of snacks. As Indonesian has a very rich options of snacks, snacks can be found almost everywhere, in malls, stores, minimarket, and traditional markets.

Variety of Snacks of Local Markets in Jakarta

In Indonesia, crackers or widely known as “kerupuk” is popular snacks. It came in a variety of sizes and shapes, usually made with flour and other ingredients such as fish and shrimp. Kerupuk is popular to be eaten along with rice and side dishes. So, don’t be surprised to find it served on the table in food stalls or restaurants.

The other variant of crackers is called “keripik”. The difference is keripik is mostly eaten as a snack, not with rice or main course. It can be made of cassava, potatoes, corn, and many more. While you can usually find branded keripik in stores or minimarkets, you can buy keripik in bulk at traditional markets. As most of it is homemade, so, oftentimes it is unbranded. Keripik has so many variants from savory, sweet, salty, and spicy.

Where to Find Snacks in Local Markets in Jakarta

You can find snacks in bulk in almost every “pasar” or market that spread around Jakarta. For example, Pasar Jatinegara if you happen to visit the east part of Jakarta, or Pasar Asemka if you are in the west part of Jakarta. Both offer a wide variety and prices of local snacks.

Explore More of Local Markets with Jakarta Walking Tour

If you want to see and try the local snacks yourself, come visit Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour and we will take you to see what local markets have to offer and experience how to shop like locals. See more interesting things that the city can offer, including their culture, history, food, and more. See you around!