Toys Centers to Explore on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

A Variety of Toys to Find on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

While souvenirs can be found in Jatinegara or Asemka Markets, we will introduce you to an item that you can also find in local markets, which is toys market. You can also find it in both markets, but there is also a toys market that is the most popular among Jakartans, which is Pasar Gembrong or Gembrong Market.

Toys Market to Explore on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Pasar Gembrong is located at the East of Jakarta, the same area as Pasar Jatinegara. However, there are some differences between the two markets. While Jatinegara is identic with the souvenirs, Pasar Gembrong is widely known as a Toys Market as most of the tenants there are toys seller. It offers a variety of children’s toys with a wide range of prices, mostly affordable, from dolls, puzzles, remote cars, bicycles, and many more. There are a wide variety of choices of local or imported products from neighboring countries.

Like Pasar Gembrong, you can also find toys stores in Asemka Market. It is located in the opposite area of Jakarta, in the west. There is more to explore as you can find more stores along the way in the area that offer many different things as it is in the Chinatown area of Jakarta.

Other Things to Find in Local Markets by Walking Tour in Jakarta

The one difference between this and Jatinegara, is this market is formed by vendors that settled their store on the side of the streets, unlike inside a complex. So, once you go down from the flyover, you can see a bunch displayed toys while passing by openly. While you pass by, you can also see a few of carpet vendors that displayed their product on the side of the street.

Explore More of the Markets During your Tour in Jakarta

Other than toys, there are still more other things you can find in local markets of Jakarta. If you want to experience directly what it is like to explore and shop as locals, then come visit Jakarta. Join our Jakarta Walking Tour to learn more about culture, history, and culinary of Jakarta. See you around!